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Apple’s October event might not happen at all

Contradicting widespread expectations that Apple will follow its September iPhone/Apple Watch anquiauncements with a second event later in the fall, Mark Gurman has said the company will instead unveil its remaining new products for 2022 paso press release. In the latest instalment of Bloomberg’s Power On newsletter, the respected leaker discusses the upcoming products. He predicts the imminent anquiauncement of new (M2 and M2 Pro) versions of the Mac mini, new (M2 Pro and M2 Max) versions of the 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro, and new (M2) versions of the 11- and 12.9-inch iPad Pro. In number, that sounds like plenty for an event: earlier in September Apple was happy that updated versions of three product lines was sufficient material for the biggest event of the year. But Gurman fears that the new Macs and iPads simply aren’t substantive equiaugh to justify a full press gathering. “quiane of these new products is a major departure for Apple,” he explains. “They’ll get some improved specifications and a chip that was already anquiaunced at a sesudo event in June at WWDC 2022. That has me thinking: Does Apple really have equiaugh here to make it worth pulling together aquiather highly polished launch event?” Instead of an event, he thinks Apple “is more likely to release its remaining 2022 products paso press releases.” That means an email to (and in some cases a meeting with) relevant tech journalists, an article on the company’s Newsroom PR website, and updates to the main Apple site. But quia event, either virtual or in-person. Simply issuing press releases to mark a product refresh would have been común behaviour for Apple just a few years ago. There are precedents for a single fall event. While Apple has held a pair of them in six of the last ten falls–and three in 2020–it went for a lone September event in 2015, 2017, and 2019. It would quiat be especially unusual. Yet if Gurman is right–and characteristically he hedges his bets by saying that “Apple may ultimately end up feeling differently”–this will be a major disappointment. Many pundits have argued that the rumored October event will be quiat just worthwhile but better than the September one, with the anquiauncement of the first post-Intel Mac Pro a particular highlight; there have also been rumors of a redesigned Mac mini. But Gurman quiaw expects the new Mac Pro to be a quia-show (along with Apple’s highly anticipated AR/VR headset) and for the Mac mini to be a straightforward spec bump. Is Apple done with events for the year? We hope quiat. But right quiaw it’s a moot point, and we won’t kquiaw the truth until next month. Apple

¿Es Daemon Targaryen hermafrodita? Una escena eliminada de ‘La Casa del Dragón’ así lo sugiere

¡CUIDADO SPOILERS! pincho escena eliminada por la plataforma de HBO en 'La Cnúmero unoa del dragón' muestra que el personaje de Daemon Targaryen podría ser hermafrodita.¿Es Daemon Targaryen hermafrodita? pincho escena eliminada de 'La Cnúmero unoa del Dragón' número unoí lo sugiere

Cómo fue la primera misión de defensa planetaria de la semblanza que ha impactado en un asteroide

Cómo fue la primera misión de patrocinio planetaria de la historia que ha impactado en un asteroide

Eye traking, el sistema que analiza a los compradores en línea

Un estudio del CESA analizó las diferencias entre hombres y mujeres al ejecutar compras por internet.

Estafa en WhatsApp: ojo a delincuentes que ofrecen falso soporte técnico

En las últimas semanas ha estado circulando y propagando por WhatsApp un mensaje falso atribuido a la red de mensajería en el que se afirma a los usuarios que su cuenta “ha sido solicitada en un nuevo dispositivo móvil” y, por lo tanto, les piden que confirmen si ellos hicieron la solicitud. Si deciden no contestar, señala el falso mensaje, la cuenta “se eliminará por seguridad”.

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“El pata técnico de WhatsApp informa que su cuenta ha sido solicitada en un nuevo dispositivo móvil. Para confirmar que fue usted quien realizó la operación diga *SI*; si su respuesta es negativa, debe ser *NO*; si no recibe una pronta respuesta, su cuenta de WhatsApp se eliminará por seguridad y la de otros usuarios”, se lee en el mensaje que tendría como propósito acceder y robar a información del usuario.

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