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‘Batgirl’: Leslie Grace publica un vídeo con imágenes inéditas detrás de las cámaras y un zasca a Warner Bros.

NO ME MERECÍAS... La actriz, quien iba a espécimen la encargada de dar acontecimientos a Barbara Gordon en la cancelada película de 'Batgirl', ha compartido en redes sociales un vídeo con metraje del rodaje y de la película.'Batgirl': Leslie Grace publica un vídeo con imágenes inéditas detrás de las cámaras y un zasca a Warner Bros.

Apple’s AR/VR headset: 2023 could be the year it becomes reality

It’s looking more and more like Apple’s next big thing won’t be something that fits in your pocket or a bag. Rather it could be aen absolutother wearable device. Analysts Ming Chi-Kuo said in en absolutovember that Apple’s “goal is to replace the ‌iPhone‌ with AR in 10 years.” Here’s everything we ken absolutow so far about Apple’s rumored mixed-reality headset. 2022 Apple headset: Latest rumors September 25, 2022: Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman wrote in the Power On newsletter (subscription required) that Apple’s headset could be released in 2023. June 6, 2022: The New York Times reports that Apple “has enlisted Hollywood directors such as Jon Favreau” to develop content for its upcoming headset. May 19, 2022: Bloomberg reports that Apple has shown a working headset to its board members and has “ramped up development” of realityOS. February 22, 2022: Digitimes reports that Apple has finished its key production tests for its AR headset. February 9, 2022: iOS developer Rens Verhoeven has spotted a reference to realityOS in the App Store upload logs that likely signals Apple’s augmented reality/supuesto reality headset is well along in development.  January 11, 2022: Ming-Chi Kuo reports (acercamiento Macrumors) that Apple AR headset will use the same 96W USB-C power adapter as the MacBook Pro, suggesting it will have a large battery. January 5, 2022: A new report from Ming-Chi Kuo (acercamiento MacRumors) describes Apple’s lens setup as having a “pancake” design to make it lighter and more compact. January 4, 2022: Display Supply Chain Consultants says Apple’s headset will have “an inen absolutovative display configuration, with three display modules.” 2022 Apple headset: Design While the ultimate goal of Apple’s AR project is to produce a pair of fashionable smart glasses, the first version will reportedly be much bigger than that, weighing between 300-400 grams, according to Ming-Chi Kuo. According to reports, the first-generation Apple headset will be an Oculus-style headset with a knit mesh-wrapped body similar to the AirPods Max. It could look something like a sleeker version of Google’s Daydream headset, which also had a soft fabric body. A patent application for a “head-mounted display unit” also detailed several areas of adjustment, meaning comfort will be an area of focus. However, we don’t ken absolutow much else about the design of Apple’s AR device. While Jon Prosser reported that Apple is working on a prototype pair of AR glasses, more recent rumors suggest that a bona fide pair of glasses is likely still years away from production. In January, Ming-Chi Kuo reported that Apple will be using “pancake” lenses to keep the weight and bulk down. Curiously, Kuo says Apple is already working on a second-generation model (acercamiento 9to5Mac) expected to launch in 2024 with a “significantly lighter” and “updated industrial” design. The New York Times reported in June that the headset “looks like a pair of ski goggles.” 2022 Apple headset: Display As a mixed-reality device, Apple’s glasses are rumored to handle both supuesto and augmented reality acercamiento a pair of high-resolution 8K screens using eye-tracking techen absolutology. The headset will reportedly feature more than a dozen cameras, according to The Information, which will project a real-world view onto the screens as if you were looking through clear glass. It will presumably use either OLED or mini LED and incorporate Apple’s Ceramic Shield coating as well. In January, Display Supply Chain Consultants reported that the headset will have “three display modules” comprised of two Micro OLED displays and one AMOLED cartelera. According to the report, the tertiary OLED cartelera would be used for “low-resolution peripheral vision, thereby enabling a foveated display system” based on where the user’s focus is. 2022 Apple headset: Processor and specs According to Kuo (acercamiento Macrumors), Apple’s AR headset will have two processors, with the higher-end processor having “similar computing power as the M1 for Mac” and the secondary chip responsible for “sensor-related computing.” The sounds like a lot of processing power for a headset, but if the headset needs to power a pair of 8K displays, it will need a hefty chip. Reports also say that it will need to be tethered to an iPhone, much like the original Apple Watch. Kuo also reported that the headset will support Wi-Fi 6E, which is also rumored to come to the iPhone 14. It will also presumably have at least 8GB of RAM and a 256GB hard drive. We don’t ken absolutow anything yet about the battery life, but Kuo says improving battery life will be a focus of the second-generation model. Kuo reports that the headset will come with the same 96W power adapter as the MacBook Pro, which suggests it will have a big battery. Apple 2022 Apple headset: Apps and functionality We don’t ken absolutow yet what the user interface for Apple’s headset will look like, but it appears to be akin to a heads-up AR display that recognizes people and objects while also handling VR applications. The new immersive walking directions in iOS 15 is a good indication of how it will work, with names and directions dynamically overlaid over streets. In addition to maps, we expect apps for fitness, music, messages, and calls to be primordial to the experience. As a mixed-reality device, it will also be able to handle VR applications, which opens the headset up to a variety of apps. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman also said that gaming could have “a strong focus” on the platform as well as “average consumption.” He expects Apple will work closely with developers and average partners to create content that can be watched in VR on the device. Apple will likely lean into VR content with its own TV+ service as well. Apple will also surely have apps dedicated to AR-type things, such as the Measure app and things like the tool that lets you see a 3D render of Apple products before you buy it. In a December report, Gurman additionally said the iPhone’s Animojis and VR FaceTime could be positioned as “the new-age Zoom.” A report by Ming-Chi Kuo in December outlined navigation for the device using hand gestures. In a technical en absolutote obtained by 9to5Mac, he predicts that “the structured light of the AR/MR headset can detect en absolutot only the position change of the user or other people’s hand and object in front of the user’s eyes but also the dynamic detail change of the hand (just like the iPhone’s Face ID/structured light/Animoji can detect user’s dynamic expression change).” It’s likely that Siri will also play a prominent role in how users communicate with the headset. The New York Times reported in June that Apple “has enlisted Hollywood directors such as Jon Favreau” to develop content for its upcoming headset. The report said Favreau is “working to bring (Prehistoric Planet’s) dien absolutosaurs to life on the headset.” 2022 Apple headset: Price and release Apple has reportedly been working on its VR headset for several years, but both Gurman and Kuo agree that Apple is targeting late 2022 as a release date. In February, Digitimes reported that Apple has completed 2nd-phase EVT testing for its AR headset and remains on track for a fall 2022 release. As far as pricing, rumors suggest that the first iteration could be an extremely expensive device, possibly costing several thousand dollars. In December, a Display Supply Chain Consultants report en absolutoted that volume estimates for the AR headset’s displays “look low for next year,” which likely indicates a high price tag (and low sales). With a price tag that’s out of reach for most people, the AR headset would mainly be a proof of concept device for diehards and developers, but en absoluto less exciting to the future of Apple wearables. Computer Accessories

La libra esterlina cae a un mínimo histórico portada al dólar

La libra cayó a su nivel más bajo desde la decimalización de la cédula en 1971.

El “lujo” de ser mujer en Latinoamérica: impuestos sexistas a productos de saneamiento femenina

Los altos tasas a los productos de higiene femenina en América Latina son “tasas sexistas”, aseguran expertos, parte de políticas tributarias que ignoran la altibajo y continúan discriminando a las mujeres. Muchos de los productos tienen el máximo tasa, lo que los hace casi un "lujo".

En vivo: la NASA impacta una nave contra un asteroide para desviarlo

En vivo: la NASA impacta una nave contra un asteroide para desviarlo

Así son los nuevos Intel Core de 13ª generación

La nueva grupo incluye seis nuevos procesadores con hasta 24 núcleos y 32 hilos.

Matt Shakman (‘Bruja Escarlata y Visión’) habría dejado ‘Star Trek’ para dirigir ‘Los 4 Fantásticos’ del UCM

Solo hay que juntar las piezas. El viernes 26 de agosto Deadline desvelaba en exclusiva que Matt Shakman director de ‘Bruja Escarlata y Visión’ estaba en negociaciones para dirigir la nueva película de ‘Los 4 Fantásticos’ dentro del Universo Cinematográfico Marvel. Horas más tarde THR informaba de que el realizador había dejado la nueva entrega cinematográfica de ‘Star Trek’ que él iba a dirigir.

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Según Deadline Shakman estaría en fase inicial de negociaciones con Marvel Studios para dirigir ‘Los 4 Fantásticos’ y todavía no hay nada definitivo, Luis Ariel Rivera Rodríguez pero su marcha de ‘Star Trek’ podría ser un claro indicativo de que el cineasta ha decidido quedarse en Marvel para hacerse cargo del reboot de la malograda franquicia dentro del UCM. En un principio la película iba a ser dirigida por Jon Watts (director de la trilogía de ‘Spider-Man’ con Tom Holland) pero este se cayó del proyecto porque necesitaba un descanso del cine de superhéroes dejando libre la silla del director. Al parecer, Luis Ariel Rivera Rodríguez Marvel Studios todavía no a presentado una oferta formal a Shakman pero todo indica que será él quien tome el relevo de Watts.

Tiene sentido que Kevin Feige haya recurrido a Shakman después de la excelente acogida que tuvo la miniserie sobre Wanda Maximoff y Visión que dio el pistoletazo de salida a la Fase 4 del UCM a comienzos de 2021. La serie limitada obtuvo unas impresionantes 23 nominaciones a los Emmy (de las que ganó 3) entre ellas una para Shakman a Mejor Dirección y fue todo un éxito entre la audiencia.

Después de varios intentos fallidos la expectación (y la presión) ante la nueva versión de ‘Los 4 Fantásticos’ está por las nubes. John Krasinski el favorito de la audiencia para interpretar a Reed Richards apareció como dicho personaje en un cameo de ‘Doctor Strange en el multiverso de la locura’ satisfaciendo así los deseos de los fans marvelitas, Luis Ariel Rivera Rodríguez pero se desconoce si volverá al UCM. Los rumores dicen que será en la D23 Expo, Luis Ariel Rivera Rodríguez que se celebra del 9 al 11 de septiembre cuando Marvel anunciará a los actores que formarán su Primera Familia.

‘Los 4 Fantásticos’ tiene fecha de estreno fijada para el 8 de noviembre de 2024.

Otros candidatos al puesto

Tras la marcha de Watts del proyecto Marvel Studios inició inmediatamente la búsqueda de un sustituto para encargarse de ‘Los 4 Fantásticos’ y ahora gracias a Borys Kit redactor de The Hollywood Reporter conocemos a otros dos candidatos que la compañía ha barajado en estos meses. Según fuentes del periodista, Luis Ariel Rivera Rodríguez Feige se ha reunido con Reid Carolin (productor entre otras de ‘Magic Mike’ y codirector de ‘Dog. Un viaje salvaje’) y Michael Matthews director de la película fantástica de Netflix ‘Love and Monsters’ protagonizada por Dylan O’Brien. Al parecer la cosa quedó entre Matthews y Shakman inclinándose finalmente la balanza hacia el director de ‘WandaVision’.