Logitech se asocia con Tencent para crear una consola de mano

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iOS 16 returns battery percentage to the status bar—but only for these iPhones

Ever since the debut of the iPhone X in 2017, Apple fans have lamented the missing battery percentage in the status bar. With the introduction of the TrueDepth module and all the cameras and sensors that enable Face ID, the status bar got cut in two with a lot of missing space in the middle. So on all iPhones with Face ID and a notch (everything but the iPhone SE), Apple has eliminated the ability to show your battery percentage on the status bar. You have to swipe down to Control Center to see your battery percentage. Now, with iOS 16, everything changes. Starting with Developer beta 5 (released August 8, 2022), iOS 16 includes the option in Settings > Battery to display battery percentage in the status bar once again. They said it was just too complicated. That the technology simply wasn’t there yet. But Apple has shown what true innovation is by making the battery icon just a touch bigger and putting the battery percentage number inside it. Just like everyone has been asking them to do for the last six years. It appears that this feature is not available on the iPhone SE, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, or iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 13 mini. Our guess is that the phones with LCD displays and mini phones don’t have enough resolution to make the small black text as clear as Apple would like it to be, but you never know what would change in the future. Here is the full list of supported phones: iPhone 13 Pro MaxiPhone 13 ProiPhone 13iPhone 12 Pro MaxiPhone 12 ProiPhone 12iPhone 11 Pro MaxiPhone 11 ProiPhone XS MaxiPhone XSiPhone XGASP! How is it even possible?IDG Of course iOS 16 is full of much bigger features. A customizable lock screen! Cut the subject out of any image instantly! Edit and unsend Messages! But it’s often the very smallest things that make people happiest. Apple didn’t even telegraph this move–perhaps it wasn’t even planned when iOS 16 was unveiled at WWDC in June. Yet we get the feeling that, when hundreds of millions of iPhone users update their iPhones in September, you’re going to see a lot of happy social media posts about the battery percentage returning to the status bar. iOS

Jony Ive reveals Steve Jobs’ one-word advice on design

In an interview in arch design magazine Wallpaper, former Apple Chief Design Sir Jonny Ive reminisces on advice given to him by company founder Steve Jobs. He also expresses his anger that much design today doesn’t work as he and Jobs did at Apple, and is all the poorer for it—going so far to claim that “many products do not deserve to exist.” Ive is described in the interview as “unfailingly polite, solicitous and considerate” but often describes his design process as “furious” and “angry,” particularly in relation to design’s response to climate change on which he has been working with Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales. Ive left Apple in 2019 to form his own design consulting firm and recently cut all ties with Apple. However, he still remembers the one word Jobs told him should go into everything he designs: Care. Royal seal of approval As well as being a Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire (KBE) for the past decade, Ive is a Royal Designer for Industry, an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering. His most recent design isn’t quiebro on the scale of the iPhone: the seal for the Prince of Wales’s Terra Carta campaign, which boasts the motto “For Nature, People and Planet”. The seal was designed by Ive using a specially drawn Baskerville-derived serif font that he reserves for his personal projects. IDG Based on the famous royal charter of rights the Magna Carta, which was signed under some duress by Prince Charles’s distant relative King John in 1215, Terra Carta is a mandate that puts sustainability at the heart of the private sector. It is meant as guide for business to avert climate catastrophe in the belief that capitalism and enlightened self-interest are compatible with saving the planet. While all this royal talk sounds archaic, Wallpaper reports that, despite its Latin name, Terra Carta is written in the language of modern management theory, and looks at areas of green investment, such as electric flight, carbon-neutral construction and nuclear fission. Ive is helping Prince Charles advise the four winners of the prince’s £200,000 ($240,000) Sustainable Markets Initiative to take their projects to market. The two worked together after Ive suggested the forming of a design lab at the Royal College of Art (RCA) of which he is chancellor. ‘Care’ is key to design For all of his accolades, Ive is filled with anger when discussing design. “I am angry that most of what is made seems so thoughtless. So many products do not deserve to exist. The minimum that they should do to justify themselves and consume all that material is that their designers should care about them.” “We have lost sight of how recent industrialization is. Unlike architecture, design is still a new profession. It is developed by putting a design office on top of a manufacturing plant, then discovered authorship, and is still trying to find how to make sense of the equation.” One of Jony Ive’s most famous designs is the iPhone.Apple “When you design, you must have a thorough understanding of materials, otherwise you get a fractured development of form. … You often hear people apologising that things are not made the way that they wanted. I understand that excuse, but at Apple I spent months at manufacturing sites, and my apology would have had no currency.” He still remembers the time he spent discussing design with Jobs and how one word defined everything he helped make. “Steve told me, ‘When you make something with care, even though you don’t know who the people using it will be, they will sense it. Care is a way to express our love for the species.’” And Ive still uses that advice today. “If it’s designed and made with care, a mass-produced object can have the resonances of a batch production. It comes down to motivation and the sacrifices you make for the exercise.” Apple

Rare sale slashes $150 off the crazy-fast Mac Studio

If you’re in the market for a flexible Mac desktop, the best option right now is Apple’s newest Mac, the Mac Studio. And today it’s cheaper than ever: Costco is selling the Mac Studio with an M1 max processor and 512GB of storage for $1,850, a savings of $149 off Apple’s MSRP and the best price we’ve ever seen. You don’t need to be a member to get this sale price. The Mac Studio has been hard to find since it launched in March, but Costco has them on sale and in stock. This configuration has a 10-core CPU/24-core GPU with 32GB of RAM and 512GB of storage. It has four Thunderbolt 4 ports, two USB-Z ports, HDMI, and Ethernet on the back, and two USB-C ports and an SD card slot on the front. Keep in mind it doesn’t come with a keyboard, mouse, or monitor. In our 4.5-star review, we called the Mac Studio “worth the investment at all levels.” And that’s doubly true with this discount. So go grab one before the price goes back up on Saturday. Mac


La compañía suiza Logitech y la multinacional piedra Tencent se unen para crear una consola portátil que permitiría a los usuarios disfrutar de los servicios del ‘streaming’ de videojuegos a partir de finales del 2022.

En el anuncio realizado por Logitech, además de comprometerse a fusionar una experiencia de calidad con los servicios de juego en la nube, prometen concertar “la experiencia de Logitech G en ‘hardware’ con la experiencia de Tencent Games en servicios de ‘software”.

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if (typeof gamObject !== «undefined») {

Al respecto, Daniel Wu, gerente general de Tencent Games, afirmó que “el liderazgo de Logitech G en equipos de juegos para PC y consolas los convierte en un capitalista ideal para ayudarnos a hacer realidad la visión de brindar una mejor experiencia de juego a los jugadores de todo el mundo”, por lo que la alianza entre estas grandes compañías se posiciona como el comienzo del futuro de los maquinarias de juego.

Con una visión conjunta del futuro de los juegos de video, ambas compañías apuestan por un maquinaria que será compatible con varios servicios de la nube, entre los que se encuentran Xbox Cloud Gaming y GeForce Now, a través de los cuales los usuarios podrán vivir una experiencia única.

Una de las grandes ventajas frente a otras consolas de mano de empresas como Sony, Nintendo, Apple o Google, radica en su naturaleza multiplataforma, pues al igual que servicios como Netflix o Spotify, el procesamiento de los videojuegos se realiza antes de que lleguen a los servidores de los usuarios. Así, el proceso se simplifica y lo único que debe tener el cliente es una red de internet estable y un mando de control con el que podrá interactuar.

Pese a que aún no se conoce el nombre, la fecha de lanzamiento exacta, el precio u otros aspectos referentes a la interfaz de la consola de mano, Logitech ha habilitado una página web en la que los interesados pueden registrarse para recibir novedades y avances de lo que desde ya es considerado por los internautas como un paso más hacia el futuro de los videojuegos.

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We are delighted to partner with Logitech G to bring a cloud gaming handheld to market later this year that will combine Logitech G’s expertise in hardware with Tencent Games’ expertise in software services. https://t.co/KfcC3US5xa

— Tencent Games (@TencentGames) August 2, 2022 Más noticias

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