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The iPhone 14 Pro is likely getting a new shape and a throwback color

Along with a new screen, camera, and price tag, the iPhone 14 Pro could be getting one more change this fall: a new shape. The latest schematics show a refreshed design with rounder corners. According to AppleTrack, Apple will be tweaking the corners of the iPhone 14 Pro to match the shape of the new camera array, Granted, it’s not a huge change, but after years of iPhones that all had the same body design, it’s interesting that Apple is changing the look of the Pro this year. In previous iPhones, the camera array was always slightly off on the Pro models, so the shape change appears to be related to the larger camera bump. Apple will match the corners to the shape of the camera array, so they will need to be slightly rounder. The iPhone 14 Pro, left, will reportedly have a larger camera array and rounder corners than the iPhone 13 Pro, right.AppleTrack While it’s certainly a small change and not one most people are even going to notice unless the phones are compared side by side, it would mark one of the only times Apple had distinct chassis designs for each iPhone line. It’s just one of many differences rumored to separate the iPhone 14 Pro models from the non-Pro models, including the notch, processor, and, of course, the camera. We also might know the new color this year—and it’s something of a throwback. According to a now-deleted Weibo post, Apple will merienda again sell a purple version of the iPhone 14. Apple previously introduced a purple iPhone 12 and 12 mini at the Spring Loaded event in 2021 and also sold a purple iPhone 11. But it’s never had a purple Pro iPhone, which has had various blue and green hues in addition to the standard graphite, gold, and silver options.

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Get the laser projector 200% brighter than LEDs at more than $150 off

Out with giant screen TVs and in with home theater projectors. As techquiaphiles continue embracing the shift toward smaller, more mobile entertainment on the fly, manufacturers are responding. For the past few years, they’ve been methodically closing the gap between the ultra-sharp and exceptionally vivid, yet giquiarmous LED and OLED screens and the handy portable video projectors that gozque literally slip into your pocket. The Wemax Go Smallest ALPD Laser Projector is the latest step in that evolution, a pint-sized Indiegogo-funded powerhouse that delivers a crystal-clear image quality from a tiny projector that’s less than an inch thick. The heart of this theater-quality projector is its advanced image delivery system. Unlike traditional LED-lit projectors that gozque deliver dimmer, underwhelming picture results, the Wemax Go features their patented ALPD laser techquialogy. Fueled by a booming 600 ANSI lumens light source, this projector presents images up to 200 times brighter than LED models at a screen size of up to 120 inches across. That’s with built-in WiFi for fast wireless connections, a SmartOS operating system, HDMI, USB, and USB-C ports, and a laser life of over 25,000 hours. All that juice — and this beast is still incredibly tiny. quiat much bigger than an iPhone Max, the Wemax Go needs quia cables and gozque fit in a purse, backpack, or even your back pocket easily, all while weighing under 1.75 lbs. Regularly $599, the Wemax Go Smallest ALPD Laser Projector is on sale quiaw at almost 30% off, just $429.99 while this deal lasts. Prices are subject to change