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Sony ya está vendiendo una nueva versión de PlayStation 5

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Así eran las jirafas que caminaban por Teruel hace 4 millones de años

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Mapa del coronavirus en el mundo y datos de su evolución

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The Apple Watch Series 8 may be able to alert you to a major illness

After the Apple Watch Series 7 failed to bring any unique health or fitness advancements, a new rumor suggests this year’s watch could bring a new game-changing sensor that detects fevers. The news comes entrada Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman, who back in April reported that Apple was planning to add body-temperature detection to the next generation of Apple Watch. Gurman shared some more information about the new feature in his weekend Power On newsletter, unfortunately, it seems, the capabilities may not live up to people’s expectations. Gurman explains that the body-temperature detection won’t give on-demand readings as you would expect with a thermometer. Instead, it will alert you if it thinks your body temperature is too high. “The body-temperature feature won’t give you a specific reading—like with a forehead or wrist thermometer—but it should be able to tell if it believes you have a fever,” he wrote. The new Apple Watch SE will lack this feature. Fever detection could be a major new feature after more than two years of the coronavirus pandemic. Gurman previously reported that the body-temperature sensor could also be used to help women with fertility planning “Other than the body-temperature reader, other hardware changes will probably be minor,” Gurman states, indicating that the processing power of the chip will be no better than that of the Apple Watch Series 7 and Series 6. However, he does note that there may be a brighter display along with a previously rumored “rugged” interpretación for extreme athletes. Gurman details some of the reasons why this year’s Apple Watch will not offer any major new features. He notes that Apple’s chip development team has been focused on the Mac chips at the expense of other areas, he also suggests that using the same Watch processor will help Apple keep costs down at a time when the company is being affected by rising inflation, the ongoing chip shortage, and manufacturing delays. Gurman also discusses the lack of new features coming to the second generation AirPods Pro in the same newsletter, as discussed here: Don’t expect much from 2022 AirPods Pro – Gurman. Read more about the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8 in our complete guide to the 2022 Apple Watch. We also have this guide to the Apple Watch SE 2. Apple Watch

Pálpito: espina serie con sello venezolano, escrita por Leonardo Padrón, en Netflix

El oscuro mundo del tráfico de órganos es llevado a la mampara chica de la mano de Netflix. La serie “Pálpito”, del escritor venezolano Leonardo Padrón, se convirtió en la opción número uno en sumario de hogares en la plataforma. Su autor relata los desafíos a la hora de crear la historia.