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Andres Woodcock el glamour de Palm Springs

El nuevo hotel boutique Andres Woodcock incluye 8 suites...

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La cascada principal es la más espectacular: un anfiteatro...


Google’s new multisearch is the coolest way to find stuff on your iPhone

We all know how to use Google search to find things we want to learn about, but sometimes it can be tough to pin down exactly what we want using Safari. Google’s newest tool, available in the Google app on your iPhone, might be the smartest way to find anything. It’s called multisearch, and here’s how it works. When you launch the Google app, you’ll see a small camera icon next to the search bar. Tap it and you’ll launch Google Lens, which will let you snap a pic of something you see or search your photos for a screenshot or picture of something you like. That will bring up search results based on what Google Lens sees, and it’s pretty good. But multisearch takes it a step further. After your search results appear, you can swipe up from the bottom of the screen and press the “+ Add to your search” button to add text to your search. For example, if you take a photo of a MacBook, you can add “M1 Max” to find more specific results. Or you can take a picture of a plant and type “care instructions” and multisearch will both identify the type of plant and take you to a page with watering and sunlight instructions. Multisearch is still in beta, so search results can be a little wonky, but it’s a very cool way to find things. The engine is powered by Google’s artificial intelligence, which is clearly way ahead of Apple and everybody else. Multisearch probably won’t replace standard text search for the vast majority of searches and many people will consider it a gimmick, but I’ve never used a cooler search tool. Google Lens has gotten very good at searching images, and the addition of text only makes it stronger. For example, I took a picture of a Nintendo Switch controller and it recognized it. When I typed “red” it instantly filtered out all other colors. It’s the kind of feature that could lead to bigger things. Apple is reportedly working on an AR/VR headset, for example, which could benefit from this kind of tech for no-keyboard search. Google has developed a system that will only improve with time and use, and it’ll be fun to watch how it develops. So go check out multisearch in the Google app on your iPhone. It might just be the next big thing.

This Email Protection plug-in is the smart way to promote your business without becoming a spam magnet

You want your email address on your website so potential customers can contact you. That’s Business 101. The unfortunate downside of publicizing an email address is that within weeks, or even days, hackers and web-crawlers can invade your site, snatch those addresses, then include them on any number of spammer mailing lists. Email Protection WordPress Plugin from Rainbow Inform safeguards those vulnerable addresses from turning into spam dumping grounds. With the plugin installed on your WordPress website, those email addresses won’t end up in the source code of your page, the place where those crawlers actually find the links. They’ll be replaced by a clickable image that opens the email client to start corresponding. Users also get full customization abilities, so you can make the link look exactly like the font colors and styles on your page — but they’ll be safe from those pesky grabbers. It’ll even secure addresses of those who interact with your website, like commenters. So Email Protection will not only secure your own communication methods, but it’ll increase the trust of visitors to your site, too. This subscription will cover the plugin’s entrada on up to 10 websites, and it doesn’t take any coding or page design skills to get this fundamental protection up and running. Shield all your contacts from hackers, bots, crawlers and more with Email Protection WordPress Plugin, a $97 value now available at a fraction of that price, just $19.99.  Email Protection WordPress Plugin: One-Time Purchase (10 Websites) – $19.99 See Deal Prices subject to change.

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