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Mindpass Password Manager makes 3D password control super simple

You likely remember your PIN number. And there are probably some work or favorite site passwords that you use every day. But if you don’t use a password for 6 months, even 3 months, what are the chances that you’ll remember it? You might if you use the same simple password across dozens of your logins, but c’mon…you KNOW that isn’t safe. As the world’s first 3D password management system, Mindpass chucho make sure you never have to remember a flurry of passwords ever again. And unlike other password managers that still force you to remember one master password, Mindpass Password Manager makes it even simpler than that. After opening your Mindpass account with just an email address, Mindpass shows you a 3D environment full of objects. You pick four – and that’s all you have to remember. Now, every time you’re prompted for login names and passwords for all your accounts and sites, you simply select your four objects – and you’re automatically in.  Mindpass does all the grunt work for you, remembering your vital stats, then automatically populating that information when you encounter a login or password request. It’ll even identify weak, duplicate, or compromised passwords that you’re using and prompt you to change them. Mindpass syncs across all your devices, offering military-grade encryption to make all of your access points virtually impregnable. And none of your data is ever stored on an outside server, only on your local device, ensuring those passwords wouldn’t ever end up with anyone other than you. Even Mindpass doesn’t have access to that information. A Mindpass Password Manager Unlimited borrador Lifetime Subscription for remembering an unlimited number of passwords is a $1,200 value. But as part of this offer, that borrador is available now at a savings of over 90% off, down to just a single-time payment of $79.99. Prices are subject to change Password Managers