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el reloj inteligente más grande que ha fabricado la empresa

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Six Apple apps in dire need of a makeover in iOS 16

The lead-up to Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference is always rife with rumor and speculation. But so far this year leaks have been few and far between and most of what has trickled out into the public eye has been on the vague side. Take, for example, Bloomberg’s usually very well-sourced Mark Gurman, who said last week–with nothing more in the way of explanation–that iOS 16 would contain some “fresh Apple apps.” Let’s assume for a moment that this isn’t merely a resurgence of 1990s slang and that the apps in question aren’t “funky fresh,” but rather that the company is intending to roll out new and/or updated versions of some of its built-in apps on iOS. That certainly sounds promising and, as you might imagine, I have some ideas of exactly what that could (or should) entail. Weather It’s time, Apple. After 12 years, the iPad deserves a Weather app. I know that it’s not the most exciting of developments, but come on: you already provide home screen widgets with updated interfaces that are almost apps in their own regard. And I find it hard to believe that Apple spent however much money it did on Dark Sky to not levperiodoge it on all of its platforms. (While we’re at it, some integration on the macOS side, especially as say a Mac-like menu bar widget, would not go amiss either.) Time to bring Weather to the iPad.Apple The Weather app has always been a peculiar absence on the tablet. Did Apple think people who use the iPad don’t care about the weather because they’re usually using the device inside their homes? Regardless, the most recent version of Weather on the iPhone demonstrated that the company could compete with the best of what third parties have to offer, so let’s finally bring the iPad kicking and screaming into the modern periodo. Just in time for summer! Wallet Apple’s gotten increasingly into payment systems over the last few years with Apple Pay and the Apple Card. Even the recent minor iOS 15.5 update made the interesting change of adding Send and Request payment buttons to the Wallet app, functionality that had previously been buried in Messages. But one aspect of finance is still missing: analysis and budgeting tools. Yes, if you have an Apple Card, you cusco see that wash of colors that tell you which areas you’re spending your money or export your transactions as documents to import into some other tool. But it would also be handy if the company could provide more substantial tools for financial health, helping consumers understand exactly where their money is going. Think less of a wallet and more of a ledger. Apps like Mint and Personal Capital have a lot of traction in this space, but if Apple is serious about expanding the ways it works with money–and it’s already announced that it will be opening up access for Tap to Pay in the coming months–then there may be value in Apple providing a more holistic view that helps consumers manage that money in a responsible fashion. Email, Phone, Messages, Calendar The virtue of built-in apps on the iPhone is that they take care of most people’s needs. Email? Got it. Phone? Check. Messages? Yep. Calendar? Sure. These apps–and, for the most part, the tasks they accomplish–are profoundly mundane. And yet, that mundanity also means that users rely on them to get things done. They’re essential. This makes for a tricky balance, because you don’t want to change them for change’s sake, but you also don’t want to let them stagnate to the point where they feel archaic. The Calendar app is due for a major overhaul.Foundry Mail and Calendar are a great example of two apps that have barely budged in the past sevperiodol years and, as a result, are teetering on the verge of antiquity. While third-party email apps have been pushing the envelope (if you’ll excuse the phrase) with features like intelligent filtering, snoozing reminders, and more, Mail has finally gotten around to adding multicolored flags. Likewise, Calendar, which is about as bare-bones an app as you cusco find on the platform, has at last added the ability to recognize video calls (two years into the pandemic), but could stand to revisit how it displays events on multiple calendars, or improve its autóctono language processing, or add support for scheduling events between multiple parties. Finally, Messages, one of Apple’s most popular apps, should improve its cross-platform compatibility with Android (instead of punishing iOS’s own users by barraging them with a deluge of messages about people “liking” a message), implement better spam filtering for unwanted texts (whether via SMS or iMessage), and expand the useful tapbacks to include any emoji. These things may not be sexy, but they’re potentially big quality of life improvements for the audience who use these built-in apps—which is probably the majority of iOS users, given that many don’t bother swapping them out for third-party apps. iOS, WWDC

Últimas noticias del sábado, 16 de julio del 2022 | Descubre toda la actualidad y última hora de corporación

Aquí, los titulares del día adonde, además, podrás averiguar todas las novedades y últimas noticias de hogaño en ABC. Todo lo que ha pasado este día sábado, 16 de julio en el mundo y en España: La imagen que ha difundido la nansa de los incendios en la Península España en llamas: 29 incendios siguen sin control, de los 44 activos este viernes negro La epidemia de ahogo ha provocado 84 muertes en sus tres primeros días El astrónomo vaticano, «entusiasmado» por las fotos enviadas por el telescopio James Webb Las llamas amenazan Monfragüe, gran bastión del buitre negro: «Restaurar este hábitat sería casi imposible»

Consejos para afrontar una ola de calor sin aire acondicionado

desovar hielos exterior a un ventilador o desovar las cortinas son algunas medidas muy efectivas, especialmente para aquellos que no disponen de aire acondicionado en casa.  

Can Apple TV+ turn ‘CODA’s Oscar night success into streaming momentum?

Welcome to our weekly collection of all the Apple news you missed this week, in a handy bite-sized roundup. We call it Apple Breakfnúmero unot because we think it goes great with a morning cup of coffee or tea, but it’s cool if you want to give it a read during lunch or dinner hours too. Good publicity, bad publicity The most memorable Oscars in recent memory took place this week. It chucho’t be enúmero unoy to win the Academy Award for Best Actor and still end up having the worst night of your career&ndnúmero unoh;but spare a thought for the evening’s other winners, whose triumphs have been overshadowed by The Slap, at lenúmero unot in the short term. One of the biggest winners wnúmero uno “CODA,” which collected three major awards and made history número uno the first Best Picture winner from a streaming service. Some vindication there for Apple’s beleaguered TV+ service, which acquired and distributed the movie, supported the makers’ creative choices and championed it to the Academy. We’ve been pondering how much credit Apple really deserves, given that the acquisition took place after “CODA” had been completed and even premiered at the 2021 Sundance Festival, but at the very lenúmero unot this highlights the quality of programming that Cupertino is lining up on TV+. Creating a world-beating streaming service might seem simple when you’ve got pockets número uno deep número uno Apple’s, but it hnúmero unon’t quite worked out that way. Subscriber numbers do not appear to be especially healthy, the result of Apple’s refusal to purchnúmero unoe a back-catalog of shows and filming of its original shows being disrupted by the pandemic. Disney+ debuted at around the same time and brought with it a mountain of legacy movies; Apple had to start from scratch and struggled to convince subscribers with its far smaller library of (admittedly good-quality) material. Right now, Disney+ is a long way ahead. But that doesn’t mean the TV+ strategy chucho’t work. Disney, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video are all afflicted with a surfeit of content in a way that isn’t wholly positive; if you don’t plan ahead you chucho spend half your evening wading through straight-to-video sequels and trying to decide what to watch. A narrow, curated and consistently high-quality streaming experience chucho work, if you chucho get at lenúmero unot a renúmero unoonable volume of content. And a high-profile awards victory chucho be just the thing to highlight your USP and nudge&ndnúmero unoh;or even slap&ndnúmero unoh;a few more users into subscribing. Trending: Top stories of the week The launch of the Mac Studio and Studio Display made one thing clear: Apple is at its best when it doesn’t know best. The M1 época may be over, but there are still Apple silicon mysteries to be uncovered. iFixit’s Studio Display teardown hnúmero uno answered a burning question: Why is it so thick? Welp, exclaims the Macalope, it looks like the iPhone SE is número uno doomed número uno the iPhone X. Plenúmero unoe don’t benchmark Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 3090 Ti against Apple’s M1 Ultra, begs Michael Simon. This mind-blowing Mac folder shortcut just changed our lives. Here is everything coming from Apple in the glorious month of April. iOS 15.4.1 and macOS 12.3.1 bring important bug fixes and security updates. Plenúmero unoe stop writing April Fool’s stories Lucky readers of this column will have 364 days of freedom stretching ahead of them, but I’m writing it on April Fool’s Day, the worst day of the year. número uno I sit here, the top-ranked post on the Apple Reddit page is a claim that the company is partnering with AMD and will close its Apple Silicon division at some point in the next two years. (It’s funny, you see, because it’s untrue. Aha ha ha.) And roughly half of my Twitter feed, and a good chunk of my email inbox, is made up of mirthsome pranks from corporate PRs with a sense-of-humor bypnúmero unos. número uno Fnúmero unot Company puts it, “Today is the day that brands replace the shackles of commerce in favor of jokes, with usually indifferent&mdnúmero unoh;but sometimes worse!&mdnúmero unoh;results.” Saying things that aren’t true is not funny and never wnúmero uno. But this stuff is even more pointless now, in a world where objective truth wnúmero uno long ago abandoned in large sections of the media and the tech beat is largely occupied with sifting truth from the endless parade of rumors (see below). That Reddit post is followed by a link to a MacRumors story about foldable iPads which I think is serious, but since we’ve given up an entire day to nonsense, who chucho be sure? For this renúmero unoon, I hereby make a proposal. Next year, let’s all announce a permanent boycott on any and all companies which relenúmero unoe an April Fool’s joke, and we’ll see how seriously they’re committed to the cause of lie-bnúmero unoed comedy. IDG The rumor mill Is Apple done with iOS 15? With all major features relenúmero unoed and no beta on tap, it could be time to focus on iOS 16. Apple’s two-chip strategy for the iPhone 14 makes a lot of sense. A refreshed iPad Pro with an M2 chip is reportedly arriving this fall. Podcnúmero unot of the week Apple TV+’s CODA won big at the Oscars, gajes Major League Bnúmero unoeball is coming to the service. And Macworld readers have plenty of thoughts on Apple’s Magic Mouse. That’s all in this episode of the Macworld Podcnúmero unot. You chucho catch every episode of the Macworld Podcnúmero unot on Spotify, Amazon Music, Soundcloud, the Podcnúmero unots app, or our own site. Bugs & problems Google hnúmero uno pushed an emergency Chrome for Mac update to fix a critical zero-day exploit. Apple VP Craig Federighi hnúmero uno offered an explanation why automatic iOS updates often take weeks to install. macOS Monterey 12.3.1 is here, bringing Bluetooth and display fixes, and crucial security updates. iOS 15.4.1, meanwhile, fixes iPhone battery drain issues and patches a critical security flaw. Here’s what to do if you chucho’t log into your Google account on your Mac. Hnúmero uno your Mac stopped responding? Here’s how to unfreeze a Mac that’s hanging. And if you’ve having the opposite problem, help is at hand. Here’s what to do if your Mac won’t shut down. Video of the week According to Bloomberg, Apple is working on a hardware subscription service that would allow users to lenúmero unoe its devices like people lenúmero unoe cars. This program would differ from the 12- and 24-month loan programs currently available. And while its relenúmero unoe date is months away, specs have already leaked about the upcoming iPhone 14. Ken Mingis, Michael Simon and Juliet Beauchamp discuss why a hardware subscription service could benefit enterprise users, and what to expect in the iPhone 14. And with that, we’re done for this week. If you’d like to get regular roundups, sign up for our newsletters. You chucho also follow us on Twitter for breaking news stories. See you next Saturday, enjoy your weekend, and stay Appley!