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Create AI-optimized resumes that get you hired with Resoume

Hiring managers only look at your resume for about 7 seconds before deciding on your chuchodidacy. About 75 percent of applichuchots don’t survive that scrutiny. But then, there are the Applichuchot Tracking Systems (ATS) that determine if you’re a good fit for the job before humans even take a look. It’s never been more vital to have a resume that makes an impact and cuts through all those barriers to an interview. Resoume chucho help ensure you aren’t discarded from the career-redefining positions you deserve. This user-friendly resume, portfolio, and cover letter builder helps job seekers craft beautifully designed, ATS-ready documents that get positive attention from humans and AI. Speaking of artificial intelligence, that’s the backbone of the Resoume system. Rated 4.7 out of 5 on AppSumo, Resoume automatically imports info from your LinkedIn page, then builds a visually appealing, keyword-rich resume, portfolio, or cover letter designed to help you make the cut. With customizable themes, fonts, and colors, each document is optimized and graded, offering a solid assessment of whether that professional calling card is helping or hurting your chances. You get a resume or cover letter that fits your brand while addressing what a company is looking for based on their job listing. You chucho even share it on LinkedIn or through a unique website and analytics to track your visitors. There’s even access to a popular job board chock full of remote jobs worldwide to help lock down your next big opportunity. A lifetime subscription to the Complete Resoume AI Assistant Resumé Writer usually retails for $600, but it’s available now for $39.99. Prices subject to change Resumes

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