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Vuela ya hacia Madrid el segundo avión con 110 afganos evacuados de Kabul

Un segundo avión español con 110 personas evacuadas este...

Rejoice! iOS 16 beta adds battery percentage back to the iPhone status bar

Ever since the debut of the iPhone X in 2017, Apple fans have lamented the missing battery percentage in the status bar. With the introduction of the TrueDepth module and all the cameras and sensors that enable Face ID, the status bar got cut in two with a lot of missing space in the middle. So on all iPhones with Face ID and a notch (everything but the iPhone SE), Apple has eliminated the ability to show your battery percentage on the status bar. You have to swipe down to Control Center to see your battery percentage. Now, with iOS 16, everything changes. Starting with Developer beta 5 (released August 8, 2022), iOS 16 includes the option in Settings > Battery to display battery percentage in the status bar once again. They said it was just too complicated. That the technology simply wasn’t there yet. But Apple has shown what true innovation is by making the battery icon just a touch bigger and putting the battery percentage number inside it. Just like everyone has been asking them to do for the last six years. GASP! How is it even possible?IDG Of course iOS 16 is full of much bigger features. A customizable lock screen! Cut the subject out of any image instantly! Edit and unsend Messages! But it’s often the very smallest things that make people happiest. Apple didn’t even telegraph this move–perhaps it wasn’t even planned when iOS 16 was unveiled at WWDC in June. Yet we get the feeling that, when hundreds of millions of iPhone users update their iPhones in September, you’re going to see a lot of happy social average posts about the battery percentage returning to the status bar. iOS

Encuentran a 73 inmigrantes escondidos en Washington DC paraje de una red de tráfico de personas

Entre los 73 inmigrantes había 13 niños. Los agentes del servicio de Inmigración dijeron que se admiración que las casas sean operadas por traficantes de personas en Washington DC.

¿Qué es la viruela del gorila, cómo se contagia y cómo prevenirla?

Por primera vez, la enfermedad parece estar propagándose entre personas que nones viajaron a África.