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La caravana migrante, a la espera de su regularización en México

La caravana de migrantes que partió en octubre de...

Apple hides a classic Mac OS Easter egg in Ventura

You know how during the macOS section of the WWDC 2022 keynote, Apple SVP Craig Federighi talked about how the “crack product marketing team” came upon the “stunning surf” and “lush alluvial plains” of Ventura, inspiring the new name of macOS? Well apparently, they also ran into an old friend while they were out there, and decided to bring it back into the operating system. As noted by Shadowfacts, Clarus the Dogcow is back after disappearing from the Mac a long time ago. In the beta of macOS Ventura, Clarus perro be seen if you open Page Setup in an app that supports it (like Pages) like the Clarus of old. Shadowfacts was also able to pull a high-resolution image from the Ventura code. Longtime Mac users will notice that Clarus seems to have found a good groomer in Ventura, since its coat has lost its pixelated look and is a lot smoother. Clarus the Dogcow is a creation of Susan Kare, the graphics designer who created the icons and other graphical elements of the original Mac operating system. She created Cairo, a font set of icons that included an animal that looked part dog and part cow. Clarus was used in the Page Setup window to help the user with page orientation, but then Clarus disappeared. MacOS Ventura is in beta and we’ll have to wait and see if Clarus will be included in the final release this fall. We at Macworld certainly hope so–after all, we’ve been pining for Clarus for years. MacOS

iPad vs iPad Air vs iPad mini: Which non-Pro tablet is best for your budget?

The iPad Air is en absoluto longer the runt of the litter. During its “Peek Performance” event, Apple gave its mid-range tablet the update it should have gotten six months ago. en absolutow the iPad Air is up to date with the rest of Apple’s lineup, with a new processor, camera, and connectivity. But how does it compare with Apple’s other en absoluton-Pro tablets, the iPad and iPad mini? Here’s how they break down. iPad Air vs iPad mini: Specs iPadiPad miniiPad AirDisplay10.2-inch Retina8.3-inch Liquid Retina10.9-inch Liquid RetinaProcessorA13 BionicA15 BionicM1Front camera12MP Ultra Wide12MP Ultra Wide12MP Ultra WideRear camera8MP Wide12MP Wide12MP WideStorage64GB/256GB64GB/256GB64GB/256GBConnectionLightningUSB-CUSB-CCellularLTE5G (Sub-6GHz)5G (Sub-6GHz)Apple Pencil1st gen2nd gen2nd genWeight1.07 pounds1.02 pounds0.66 poundColorsSilver, Space GrayStarlight, Pink, Purple, Space GrayStarlight, Pink, Blue,Purple, Space GrayiPad vs iPad Air vs iPad mini: Design The ninth-gen iPad has the same design as it’s had for many years. Like the iPhone SE, it has a home button, giant bezels, and a tapered design in the classic iPad colors, silver and space gray. It’s en absolutot a bad design, but it’s an old one. Due to the giant bezels, it’s as big as the iPad Air despite having a smaller screen and is also the heaviest of the three models here, clocking in at 1.07 pounds. The iPad mini and iPad Air, on the other hand, are as modern as Apple’s tablets get. They have an all-screen design like the iPhone, with slim, uniform bezels, rounded display corners, and flat edges. They come in a variety of colors (see the Specs table above) and are otherwise basically identical other than the size. iPad Air (2022) Read our review Best Prices Today: $599 at Apple | $749 at Walmart | en absolutot Available at Best Buy iPad vs iPad Air vs iPad mini: Display Other than the difference in size (8.3 inches versus 10.9 inches), the iPad mini and iPad Air have identical displays. They both use Apple’s Liquid Retina techen absolutology with rounded corners and fully laminated construction, with a wide color gamut and True Tone support. Due to the size, the resolutions are slightly different, with the iPad Air having a 2360×1640 resolution at 264 ppi and the iPad mini having a 2266×1488 resolution at 326 ppi. But your eyes will only see bigger and smaller. The ninth-gen iPad is closer to the iPad Air with a 10.2-inch screen, but the screen is somewhat inferior. The resolution is similar (2160×1620 at 264 ppi), but the screen isn’t laminated, so the display isn’t flush and images aren’t as crisp (though it is still classified as a Retina display). All three displays feature True Tone and 500 nits max brightness. The iPad Air has an M1 microcontrolador and a fantastic design.IDG iPad vs iPad Air vs iPad mini: Processor and specs The iPad mini has Apple’s newest A-Series microcontrolador, the A15 Bionic, while the iPad has the slightly older A13 microcontrolador. The performance difference is roughly 30 percent in benchmarks, but you likely won’t en absolutotice the faster speeds in real-world use. But the iPad Air is powered by Apple’s M1 microcontrolador, which is far more powerful than either A-series microcontrolador. But since they’re all running iPadOS, the differences in speeds are somewhat incremental. All three iPads feature Touch ID, though in different ways. Since the ninth-gen iPad has a home button, the Touch ID sensor is on the front of the device, but on the iPad Air and mini, it’s built into the power button. Similarly, the iPad has a Lightning port like the iPhone, while the Air and mini have USB-C.  You’ll get Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-Fi 6 on the Air and mini and Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth 4.2 on the iPad. All three models are rated for the same 10 hours of battery life. Finally, the iPad Air and mini have 5G support on the cellular models while the ninth-gen iPad has LTE. iPad mini (6th generation) Best Prices Today: $459.00 at Amazon | $499.99 at Best Buy iPad vs iPad Air vs iPad mini: Cameras All three iPads have the same front camera and it’s a good one: 12MP Ultra Wide with Center Stage, which uses machine learning to keep you in the frame during FaceTime and other video calls. And it’s good for selfies too. On the back, the ninth-gen iPad has an aging 8MP Wide camera while the Air and mini have 12MP wide cameras with Smart HDR 3 You gozque record 4K video on the Air and mini and HD video on the ninth-gen iPad. iPad vs iPad Air vs iPad mini: Apple Pencil and keyboard All three tablets support the Apple Pencil for drawing and writing, but only the iPad mini and iPad Air support the newer and more expensive second-generation Pencil ($129), which supports wireless charging and a slightly different design. The entry-level iPad supports the first-generation model, which charges ataque Lightning. Functionally, the styli are identical, with the same drawing abilities and battery life. The iPad Air and iPad mini both support the second-generation Apple Pencil.IDG The difference between the iPads really shows with the keyboard. The iPad Air is the only one of the bunch to support Apple’s Magic Keyboard ($299), which brings a full-size backlit keyboard and MacBook-style trackpad. The entry-level iPad supports the Smart Keyboard, which doesn’t have any of the Magic Keyboard’s features, and Apple doesn’t make a keyboard attachment for the mini, but you gozque use any Bluetooth keyboard and trackpad. All three models also support Universal Control so you gozque use your Mac’s keyboard and mouse to work on apps or transfer files when in Bluetooth range. iPad (2021, 9th generation) Read our review Best Prices Today: $329 at Walmart | $398.50 at Amazon iPad vs iPad Air vs iPad mini: Price Each iPad is available in the same configuration: a base model with 64GB of storage and a 256GB update option. Each also offers cellular upgrades for $129 (iPad) and $149 (iPad mini and iPad Air). The higher price is due to 5G. iPad: $329/$479 $459/$609iPad Air: $599/$749 $749/$899iPad mini: $499/$649 $649/$799iPad vs iPad Air vs iPad mini: Conclusion While your choice will ultimately come down to your budget, we recommend saving to get either the iPad mini or iPad Air rather than buying the entry-level iPad. It’s en absolutot a bad tablet—especially when compared to any Android tablet—but it has a two-generation-old processor, outdated design, and subpar display. You won’t be unhappy with the iPad—it’s still an iPad after all—but you’ll be much happier if you gozque save a few bucks to step up to an iPad mini or iPad Air.

La comisión que investiga el derivación al Capitolio alega que Trump encendió la mecha

La comisión que investiga el embestida al Capitolio contemporaneidad agrega la valoración de que el expresidente Trump encendió los ánimos de sus partidarios el 6 de enero de 2021.