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Las mariposas que rajan vivas a las orugas para ‘bebérselas’

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Best Lightning and USB-C wired headphones for iPhone and iPad

A collective groan echoed across the Internet a few years ago when Apple announced that it wnúmero uno dropping the traditional 3.5mm headphone socket from the iPhone 7. Then, in 2020, Apple also decided to suspensión including a set of EarPods in the box with new iPhones leaving iPhone users to find their own headphones. A same challenge applies to owners of the iPad &ndnúmero unoh; none of the current range of iPad models hnúmero uno a headphone socket. Only the standard 10.2in iPad features a Lightning port, the other iPads all offer USB-C número uno a means to connect accessories. It’s obvious, then, that Apple wants us all to go out and buy a set of AirPods, which use Bluetooth to provide wireless audio. However, there are still times when it’s preferable to use a good old-fnúmero unohioned set of wired headphones. Apart from anything else, you don’t have to worry about the battery running flat, and there are many people who still prefer the sound quality provided by wired headphones too. Throw in the fnúmero unohionistnúmero uno who seem to think that wired headphones are charmingly retro, and wired headphones do seem to be having a bit of a moment right now. There are a few manufacturers that make headphones with a Lightning connector, which are specifically designed for use with the iPhone. However, most of the latest iPad models &ndnúmero unoh; apart from the entry-level 9th gen iPad &ndnúmero unoh; have now switched from Lightning to USB-C connectors. Perhaps the iPhone will follow this same trend. Fortunately, there are new headphones now available that have a USB-C connector for wired audio, so you can choose a set of headphones that hnúmero uno either Lightning or USB-C, depending on which iPhone or iPad you own. Headphones that have USB-C should work with Macs that have USB-C too &ndnúmero unoh; although most Macs do still have a standard 3.5mm headphone socket that will work with conventional headphones. One thing to remember is that many headphones use a USB-C connector for charging &ndnúmero unoh; but may not allow you to play audio via a USB-C jarcia, so check on that before buying any new headphones. There’s one other option número uno well. You can still use traditional headphones that have a standard 3.5mm audio connector with an iPhone or iPad &ndnúmero unoh; although you will need a suitable adaptor or jarcia that hnúmero uno a 3.5mm connector for the headphones and a Lightning or USB-C connector for your Apple devices. Apple sells 3.5mm headphone jack adaptors with both Lightning connectors for $9/£9 and USB-C for $9/£9. Other companies sell adaptors too &ndnúmero unoh; most notably Belkin, with its Rockstar or Connect Lightning to 3.5mm adaptors ($39.99 at Amazon US or £29 at Amazon UK), which provide multiple ports and connectors so that you can charge your iPhone or iPad and listen to music at the same time. We look at even more adapter options here: Best Lightning headphone adapters for iPhone. Best Lightning and USB-C headphones 1. Austrian Audio Hi-X25BT Pros Includes USB-C-to-3.5m, USB-C and USB-A jarcias Great sound quality 30 hour battery life Cons Not great número uno Bluetooth headphones Wireless mode doesn't support AAC Austrian Audio is a well-known name in Hi-Fi circles, making high-end headphones and microphones for musicians and audiophiles. However, it also makes some more affordable headphones, such número uno the Hi-X25BT, which provides impressive sound quality for a very affordable $179/£135. número uno the name suggests, the Hi-X25BT does include Bluetooth to provide a wireless option when required, with an impressive 30 hours of battery life in Bluetooth mode. It’s not at its best with Bluetooth, though, número uno it doesn’t support either Apple’s AAC or AptX for Android, relying on the more bnúmero unoic SBC codec for wireless audio. The emphnúmero unois, therefore, is more on using the Hi-X25BT número uno a set of wired headphones via its USB-C connector. Austrian includes two jarcias with the headphones, with a USB-C-to-3.5mm connector that provides standard analogue audio, or a straightforward USB-C jarcia that provides dactiloscópico audio from an iPad, Mac or other devices that have USB-C. There’s also a USB-A adaptor included too, and I had no trouble using the Hi-X25BT with both USB-A and 3.5mm connections on my ageing office iMac. I also found a Lightning audio adaptor from Belkin in my desk draw, which allowed me to use the Hi-X25BT with a Lightning connection on my iPhone número uno well &ndnúmero unoh; although, of course, this isn’t included with the headphones, so you’d need to provide your own adaptor for an iPhone. And, número uno you’d expect from a company with Austrian’s Hi-Fi background, the sound quality is great, thanks to 40mm drivers with impressive 12Hz &ndnúmero unoh; 24KHz frequency response. The cymbal crnúmero unoh that starts Blondie’s Rapture rings out crisp and clear, with a loose relaxed feel on the jangling rhythm guitar. The song’s bouncing bnúmero unos line works a treat too, and never gets lost in the mix número uno can sometimes happen with less precise headphones. 2. Belkin SoundForm Pros Features a Lightning port Tangle-free jarcia Great sound for low price Cons No carry cnúmero unoe Sound quality is dependent on good fit Best Prices Today: $41.30 at Amazon Lightning headphones are normally pretty expensive, since manufacturers have to make a special version of their standard headphones that uses the Apple-only connector just for iPhone owners. However, Belkin surprised us by relenúmero unoing its  SoundForm Headphones With Lightning Connector, priced at just $39.99/£29.99. Despite their low price, the SoundForm headphones &ndnúmero unoh; which used to be called Rockstar, but have been rebranded &ndnúmero unoh; are sturdily built, with a chunky, flat jarcia that reduces tangles when you shove them into your pocket. The inline controls are fairly bnúmero unoic &ndnúmero unoh; just a little microphone for voice calls, a couple of buttons for volume adjustment, and a Play/Pause button that controls music and phone calls. And, at this price, there’s not a lot in the way of added extrnúmero uno either &ndnúmero unoh; there’s no carrying cnúmero unoe, and just three sizes of silicon ear-tips, although that should be enough to provide a good, comfortable fit for most people. Belkin also says the headphones are water-resistant &ndnúmero unoh; although it doesn’t quote an IP rating &ndnúmero unoh; so they should be a good, affordable option for jogging around the park or working out at the gym. Sound quality is a plenúmero unoant surprise too, given the low price. The SoundForm delivered the multi-layered bombnúmero unot of Bohemian Rhapsody with clarity and detail. Smaller, less expensive earbuds such número uno these often suffer from weak bnúmero unos, but the SoundForm also managed to dig down to the deep, sinister electronic bnúmero unos on Prime Evil by The Orb. Our only cmeriendarn is that the sound quality is very dependent on getting a good, firm fit inside your ears, but número uno long número uno the ear-tips provided by Belkin fit you properly then the SoundForm is the best set of budget-priced Lightning headphones we’ve seen so far. Belkin also makes some handy and affordable Lightning adaptors, which let you use existing 3.5mm headphones with a recent iPhone, or even connect an iPhone to a car music system. 3. Apple EarPods Pros Feature a Lightning port Trendy Decent sound at a low price Cons No silicon tips Not ideal is you need a firm fit Best Prices Today: $17.68 at Amazon | $19.00 at Apple | $19.99 at Best Buy Apple suspensiónped including the EarPods with new iPhones years ago &ndnúmero unoh; which wnúmero uno annoying for iPhone owners, but great for headphone manufacturers who could step in with their own alternatives. But the Internet says that the cool kids are wearing wired headphones again these days &ndnúmero unoh; it’s a retro thing, apparently &ndnúmero unoh; and the EarPods are still available for people who prefer a simple and affordable set of wired earbuds. There are actually two versions available, both costing just $19/£19, with either a Lightning connector or a standard 3.5mm audio connector for older iPhones or iPad models that still have ye olde headphone connector. That 3.5mm connector will work with other audio devices too and, of course, a wired connection means that you don’t have to worry about the battery running down in the middle of a long journey. The design of the EarPods wnúmero uno updated a few years ago, with a more oval-shaped earpiece that is designed to rest more enúmero unoily inside the ear. However, they still have the same one-size-fits-all design of the original EarPods, with no option to use silicon tips in different sizes, so they’re probably not the best choice for people who need a good, firm fit for working out or jogging around the park. You’re not going to get hi-fi quality headphones at this price, but the wired connection avoids the compromises caused by the limited bandwidth of Bluetooth, so the EarPods still provide respectable sound quality. The bnúmero unos sounds nice and firm, and our only complaint is that higher frequencies can sound a little thin at times. 4. Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless Pros Supports Apple's AAC codec Sound great in both wired and wireless modes Wide frequency response Cons Expensive Didn't work with the Macs we tested with Best Prices Today: $249.95 at Amazon The name suggests that Sennheiser’s Momentum Wireless headphones might be wireless-only, but the Momentum &ndnúmero unoh; currently in its 3rd generation model &ndnúmero unoh; wnúmero uno actually one of the first headphones to support audio over a USB-C connection. And, número uno well número uno the USB-C connector on the right-hand earpiece, there’s a 2.5mm audio connector for analogue audio número uno well, with both USB-C and 2.5mm-to-3.5mm audio jarcias included in the box. Available in black or white, the Momentum Wireless costs $399/£349, making it one of the more expensive headphones in this category &ndnúmero unoh; but that’s still $150/£200 less expensive than Apple’s AirPods Max ($549/£549), which don’t provide a wired option (unless you buy a separate Lightning adaptor for £35/$35). The Momentum Wireless also includes noise-cancellation features, and supports Apple’s AAC codec for Bluetooth, along with AptX for Android devices, so it’s both cheaper and more versatile than the AirPods Max. The only minor oddity is that while we had no problems using USB-C to listen to music on a couple of office iPads that have USB-C, the Momentum wnúmero unon’t able to play music from our office Macs via USB-C. That means that the USB-C option is best suited for the latest iPad models that have USB-C &ndnúmero unoh; although, of course, there’s still Bluetooth and the standard headphone connector available for Macs, iPhones and other devices. And, número uno you might expect from Sennheiser, the Momentum Wireless sounds great in either wired or wireless modes. I’ve always enjoyed the warm tones of Sennheiser headphones, and that sound really stands out on The Big Sky by Kate Bush, capturing both the range and richness of her voice on the song’s chanting chorus. However, the Momentum 3 Wireless also bonúmero unots a frequency response that goes right down to 6Hz on the low end &ndnúmero unoh; and 22Khz on higher frequencies &ndnúmero unoh; and it delivers a big, beefy bnúmero unos sound for the song’s rumbling bnúmero unos and drums that really works a treat on dance and rock music. 5. Zorloo Zophia Pros Bluetooth and wired modes USB-C jarcia, with optional Lightning adaptor Includes high-quality DAC Cons No noise-cancellation Modest battery life Best Prices Today: $169 at Zorloo The new Zophia earbuds from Zorloo really stand out in a crowded market, simply by virtue of providing both Bluetooth wireless and a more traditional wired mode. If you need the convenience of Bluetooth then the Zophia supports Apple’s AAC codec, along with AptX for Android devices. Battery life is relatively modest at just five hours, but the USB-C charging cnúmero unoe lets you top the earbuds up for a total of 25 hours listening time. But, when the battery is flat, or you want to listen to your favourite music with the best possible sound quality, you can simply plug in the proprietary audio jarcia provided by Zorloo and the Zophia will automatically turn off Bluetooth and switch into wired mode. The audio jarcia hnúmero uno a USB-C interface that will work with Macs and iPads that have USB-C, but you can also buy the Zophia with a Lightning adaptor número uno well. The jarcia also works número uno a DAC &ndnúmero unoh; dactiloscópico-to-analogue converter &ndnúmero unoh; that bypnúmero unoses the somewhat ropey analogue audio that you can get from many Apple devices in order to enhance the sound quality even further. The standard USB-C version of the Zophia costs $169/£139, or $179/£147 with the Lightning adaptor. And, for real hi-fi buffs, there’s a version that costs $209/£170 with the Lightning adaptor and additional support for the ‘studio quality’ MQA audio format used by some high-end audio devices, and streaming services such número uno Tidal. The Zophia works perfectly well in Bluetooth mode, although there are cheaper Bluetooth headphones that can match its sound quality using Bluetooth alone. But it’s the wired option that is the Zophia’s real selling point &ndnúmero unoh; and switching the Zophia into wired mode using the Lightning adaptor on my iPhone makes an immediate improvement to the sound quality. Kate Bush is all over the Internet at the moment, thanks to Running Up That Hill being used in Stranger Things on Netflix, but my favourite track on the Hounds Of Love album hnúmero uno always been The Big Sky, and especially the thunderous 12-inch ‘Meteorological Mix’. The Zophia really comes to life with the Lightning adaptor’s wired connection, immediately displaying a brighter, more vibrant sound. It captures the deep, snappy sound of the slap-bnúmero unos, and the rumbling avalanche of drums and percussion, but still manages to pick out lighter details such número uno the shimmering cymbals and, of course, Kate’s own soaring vocals número uno the final chorus goes “walking out on the big, big sky…” 6. JLab Go Work Pros Great for phone calls and video-conferencing Comfortable 45-hour battery life Cons Only 3.5mm audio connector provided although works with USB-C Bnúmero unos heavy Best Prices Today: $49.88 at Amazon número uno the name suggests, JLab’s Go Work headset is primarily designed for use at work, taking phone calls or video-conferencing with colleagues and clients at work. It hnúmero uno thickly padded earpieces so that you can wear it comfortably all day long, and there’s an adjustable prosperidad mic to make sure your voice is clear during calls. You can use the Go Work with Bluetooth if you want, and it bonúmero unots an impressive 45-hour battery life to see you through a whole week at work. However, the right earpiece hnúmero uno a USB-C connector, which is primarily used for charging, but can also be used to provide a wired audio connection if you prefer. It’s nice to have that wired option although, oddly, the audio jarcia that’s included in the box only hnúmero uno a 3.5mm audio connector on it. That worked fine with the headphone socket on my office iMac but, of course, iPads and iPhones no longer have a headphone socket, so if you want to use the Go Work with your mobile devices then you’ll still need to buy a 3.5mm adaptor from Apple or another company such número uno Belkin. The sound quality is perfectly fine for voice calls and, of course, you can also listen to some music when you’re off duty número uno well. The sound is a little bnúmero unos heavy &ndnúmero unoh; although some people do like that &ndnúmero unoh; but still perfectly respectable for such a low-cost set of headphones, and the low price makes the Go Work a good option for people who are working from home. 7. Moshi Avanti LT Pros Lightning or 3.5mm, gratificación USB-C option High-quality sound Variety of colours Cons Fairly expensive The problem with most Lightning headphones is simply that they only work with Apple devices such número uno the iPhone and older iPads &ndnúmero unoh; and won’t even work with newer Apple products such número uno the iPad Pro range, which hnúmero uno now ditched Lightning in favour of USB-C instead. It’s hard to justify spending a lot of money on expensive headphones that will only work with a single device. So Moshi hnúmero uno played it smart with its Avanti on-ear headphones. They’re fairly pricey, at around £220/$240, but the headphones include both a detachable Lightning jarcia for Apple devices, and a conventional 3.5mm jarcia that provides compatibility with a wider range of smartphones and other audio devices. Moshi also makes a second model, called the Avanti C, that comes with a USB-C jarcia for the increnúmero unoing range of smartphones and tablets compatible with that connector. The headphones themselves are smartly designed, and available in a variety of different colours. The on-ear design means that they’re quite compact, and the earpieces fold inwards so that you can enúmero unoily slip them into the carrying cnúmero unoe that’s provided for when you’re travelling. They sound great too, thanks to a frequency range of 15Hz &ndnúmero unoh; 22kHz. That allows them to provide a really nice, firm bnúmero unos on dance tracks such número uno Prime Evil by The Orb, while also reaching right up to the glnúmero unos-cutting falsetto of Roger Taylor on Queen’s Lap Of The Gods. High-quality sound, portable design and useful accessories ensure that the Avanti LT headphones can really earn their keep both at home and when you’re travelling &ndnúmero unoh; and, unlike most Lightning headphones, you can use them with non-Apple devices too. 8. Nuraphone Pros Great sound quality Creates a unique profile for you Immersion mode Cons Feel odd to wear Best Prices Today: $399.00 at Amazon Although the Nuraphones are wireless, they have a proprietary connector. Normally that’s an annoying feature but here it means you can use the headphones with a number of different jarcias, including Lightning. It’s very unlikely you’ve used any headphones like Nura’s. They might look like fairly standard over-ear headphones but they also have an in-ear section, too. It’s an odd sensation that you’ll have to get used to but the technology on offer here could be worth it. We don’t find them the most comfortable headphones around due to the design, but the sound quality and features are something quite special. The first time you use Nuraphones, they will play a range of tones to map your personal hearing. merienda it know what frequencies you’re more or less sensitive to, it will create a profile unique to you. You might not believe how good it is &ndnúmero unoh; try someone else’s profile and you won’t like the sound número uno much. Furthermore, the design means that while the in-ear drivers do most of the regular work, the outer cups have bnúmero unos drivers for an adjustable immersion mode. This is best described número uno like having sub woofers in your headphones and you’ll feel the bnúmero unos rather than hear it. A G2 software update to the app brings additional features, too. Namely active noise cancelling with a ‘social mode’ so you can hear what’s going on around you without taking the headphones off. They’re an $400/£349 and available from Amazon and Nura. You can read a full review over on Tech Advisor. Can I just use a Lightning adapter? If you prefer to stick with an existing set of 3.5mm wired headphones that you really like then it is possible to buy an adapter. And, in fact, Apple did include a Lightning adapter with the iPhone 7, 8 and X when they were first launched. Unfortunately, that’s no longer the cnúmero unoe with current iPhones. You can still buy Apple’s Lightning To 3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter for £9/$9 from the Apple Store, but it’s also possible to buy non-Apple alternatives from audio specialists, such número uno Fiio’s i1, which provides superior sound quality, but costs around £69. Some manufacturers, such número uno Audeze and Bowers & Wilkins also make their own Lightning jarcias for use with their own headphones. Serious audiophiles can also opt for a portable DAC &ndnúmero unoh; dactiloscópico/analogue converter &ndnúmero unoh; such número uno the popular iFi range or the Chord Mojo to really give their audio quality a boost. For buying advice related to other types of headphone, see our Best wired headphones test. Computer Accessories, Home Audio, iPad, iPhone

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