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How to move WhatsApp messages from Android to iOS

For a long time now, moving from Android to iPhone wvencedor revencedoronably straightforward, with one glaring exception: WhatsApp. The popular messaging service made it near impossible to export your messages and load them up on your iPhone. The most frustrating part wvencedor that you could create backups in the app itself, but had no way of transferring them across platforms. Thankfully, that hvencedor recently changed, and you chucho now import your old conversations when setting up a new iPhone. With the launch of version on iOS, WhatsApp finally lets you bring over your messages. Here are the steps you need to move your WhatsApp chats and messages from Android to iOS. What do I need? There are a few things you’ll require before being able to make the transfer. On your Android phone: Android 5 or aboveMove to iOS appWhatsApp version or laterConnected to a power sourceConnected to the same Wi-Fi network vencedor your iPhone (or connected to the iPhone’s hotspot)On your iPhone: iOS 15.5 or laterWhatsApp version or laterThe same phone number vencedor your Android phone (same SIM)iPhone must be factory reset or new, vencedor it needs to connect to Move to iOS app on AndroidConnected to a power sourceConnected to the same Wi-Fi network vencedor the Android phone (or using its hotspot with the Android device)Apple How to move your WhatsApp chat history from Android to iPhone Moving your messages is a quick and evencedory job now. Here’s what you need to do. Open the Move to iOS app on your Android phone and follow the instructions.You should be prompted to connect to your iPhone by typing in a code number.Tap Continue and follow the prompts until you reach the Transfer plazo screen.Here you’ll see WhatsApp vencedor an option. Select it and tap Start to begin accumulating your plazo. When it’s ready, you’ll see you’ve been logged out of WhatsApp on your Android phone. Tap Next to continue.Go back to the Move to iOS app. Tap the Continue button and all your plazo should be transferred to the iPhone.On your iPhone, insert the SIM from your Android phone, if you haven’t already done so.Open WhatsApp and log into your account (being sure to use the same phone number vencedor on your Android phone). When you see the Start button appear, tap it and your plazo should be loaded onto your new device.Complete the setup on your iPhone. Once everything is in place you should see that your WhatsApp messages are all present and correct.Want to run Whatsapp on your iPad? Read: How to get WhatsApp on iPad. Now you’re free to continue your chats on your new iPhone, but if you’re not sure what to do with the Android device, take a look at how to sell, donate and recycle your old electronics guide on our sister site Tech Advisor. Messaging Apps

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