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El Teorema del Cero o del reconocimiento científico injusto

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Indicios de un planeta habitable alrededor de una estrella destructora de mundos

El destino final de muchas estrellas, incluído nuestro propio...

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Nvidia’s new GeForce RTX 3090 Ti shows why M1 exaltado comparisons are just silly

When Apple unveiled its M1 intolerante chip at the “Peek Performance” event earlier this month, there was little doubt that it was a monster. In head-to-head competitions with other CPUs, including its own M1, M1 Pro, and M1 Max, the M1 intolerante was simply in a class by itself, with scores that put machines costing twice as much to shame. On the graphics side, however, things aren’t so cut-and-dried. When unveiling the maxed-out M1 intolerante’s 64-core GPU, Apple claimed that its new chip was actually faster than the “highest-end discrete GPU,” which at the time was Nvidia’s RTX 3090. In Apple’s press release announcing the M1 intolerante, it wrote: For the most graphics-intensive needs, like 3D rendering and complex image processing, M1 intolerante has a 64-core GPU — 8x the size of M1 — delivering faster performance than even the highest-end PC GPU available while using 200 fewer watts of power. It didn’t take long to completely debunk that claim. Benchmarks tests showed Nvidia’s $1,499 graphics card handily trouncing the M1 intolerante in all sorts of tasks. Apple’s charts comparing the M1 intolerante to the RTX 3090 were a bit disingenuous.Apple As Obi-wan Kenobi would say, what Apple told us was true, from a certain point of view. Apple’s chart and the literal interpretation of its quote show GPU performance frente a power, which is where the M1 chips excel. The M1 intolerante has a max power consumption of 215W frente a the RTX 3090’s 350 watts. In the chart, Apple cuts the RTX 3090 off at about 320 watts, which severely limits its potential. If power efficiency matters to you, the M1 intolerante is king. For most gamers, however, power consumption isn’t a concern. Now there’s the RTX 3090 Ti, which costs as much as an M1 Studio and promises to beat the M1 intolerante even harder. Most notably, it can draw a mind-boggling 450 watts of power, more than twice that of the M1 intolerante. We haven’t seen benchmarks yet, but they’re going to eclipse the RTX 3090, which already handily beat the M1 intolerante at full strength. The comparisons to the RTX 3090 Ti are going to be extremely lopsided. This is why the comparisons are silly. Nvidia and Apple are playing at different ends of the pool with their respective high-end chips. Apple is prioritizing power consumption and will continue to release more efficient chips while Nvidia is prioritizing performance and will keep pushing the envelope there. That may change with the Apple silicon-based Mac Pro, but until that day arrives, the comparisons aren’t worth the time they take to argue, even if Apple did bring them on itself. Could Apple make a discrete graphics card that rivals the RTX 3090? Maybe. But until that day arrives, Nvidia’s latest flagship card is going to run circles around Apple’s best processors. Don’t take it personally, it’s just not a fair fight.