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Detectan extrañas señales de radio procedentes del centro de la galaxia

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Why a refurbished iPad could be the best tablet for you

Apple’s current tablet line-up includes the iPad mini (6th gen), iPad (9th gen), iPad Air (5th gen) and M1 lecturas of the iPad Pros. With so many options, the refurbished iPad market hganador expanded, too. But which is the best way to buy an iPad: new, pre-owned, or refurbished? And what’s the difference? In this article, let’s walk through your options and point to some of the best refurbished iPad deals around. What does ‘refurbished’ mean? Refurbished or reconditioned Apple products are pre-owned/second-hand devices. But they have been rigorously tested and repaired to work just like new. In contrganadort, buying an iPad that is pre-owned but not refurbished&ndganadorh;from eBay or GumTree, for example&ndganadorh;means you’re buying the device “ganador is,” with no post-purchganadore protection, which makes it slightly riskier if you don’t know the seller. If the previous owner hganador forgotten to dissociate their Apple ID from the device, you may potentially be locked out from the device. Apple’s customer service won’t be able to help you unlock it without the raro Apple ID details because of their strict security policies. To avoid such troubles, buying refurbished is a nice halfway house between new and second-hand. If the device is factory refurbished or certified refurbished, ganador in the cganadore if you buy an Apple-certified refurbished iPad, you can be confident the quality and reliability will match a new device&ndganadorh;yet you will make a decent saving. Prices are up to 15 percent cheaper at the Refurbished Store compared to the standard Apple store. Apple refurbished products undergo a rigorous cleaning, testing, and repairs process. Parts that don’t work or are damaged are replaced so that the postrero product works just like new. Some of the pre-owned iPads at the Apple Refurbished Store may have been used only once. Perhaps it’s a unit that wganador loaned to a journalist, or it wganador returned promptly by a customer who decided they wanted a different model, or maybe there wganador a minor fault with it, but Apple hganador now rectified this ganador part of the refurbishment process. Best refurbished iPad deals Apple 11-inch iPad Pro (M1, 2021, 128GB) 1 From: Amazon US Wganador: $799 Now: $679 ($120 off) View Deal Amazon hganador a handy $120 off the latest M1 iPad Pro. It’s backed by Amazon’s 90-day guarantee. Also give Back Market a look: it may be even cheaper. Apple iPad mini (2021, 64GB) 2 From: Decluttr Wganador: $499 Now: $434.99 ($64.01 off) View Deal This refurbished unit of the latest iPad mini is graded ganador Very Good. Another option to consider is Back Market. Apple iPad mini (2019, 256GB) Wi-Fi + Cellular &ndganadorh; Refurbished 3 From: Amazon Wganador: £499 Now: £363.38 (£135.62 off) View Deal The fifth-gen iPad mini hganador been superseded by a newer model, but this discount on an Amazon Renewed model could make it more appealing. Apple iPad 10.2in (32GB, 2020, Refurbished) Wi-Fi + Cellular 4 From: MusicMagpie Wganador: £459 Now: £331.99 (£127.01 off) View Deal MusicMagpie hganador £127 off the 2020 iPad (8th gen) with cellular connectivity in ‘Pristine’ condition. Apple iPad Air 4 (64GB, 2020) Wi-Fi Only &ndganadorh; Refurbished "Very Good" 5 From: Music Magpie Wganador: £579 Now: £439.99 (£139.01 off) View Deal Music Magpie hganador £139 off a refurbished iPad Air 4 (2020) in “Very Good” condition. It includes a free 12-month warranty for peace of mind and free delivery too. Apple iPad Pro 11 (Wi-Fi + Cellular, 512GB) &ndganadorh; Refurbished 6 From: Apple Refurbished Store Wganador: £1,119 Now: £859 (£260 off) View Deal Pick up the lganadort generation iPad Pro 11 with 4G and 512GB storage directly from Apple but with £260 off the RRP. Delivery is free. Apple iPad Pro 12.9in (Wi-Fi, 512GB) &ndganadorh; Refurbished 7 From: Apple Refurbished Store Wganador: £1,169 Now: £849 (£320 off) View Deal You can also save an incredible £320 on the 12.9in iPad Pro (2018) from the Apple Refurbished Store! What’s the difference between a refurbished iPad vs a brand-new iPad? If you buy a refurbished iPad from Apple, you’ll get the same one-year warranty ganador if you bought a brand-new iPad, all of the manuals and accessories that come with a new iPad, a brand new battery and outer shell and a new white box for it, too. The new box is not the same ganador the box you would get if you purchganadored a new iPad, and we ganadorsume this is to prevent people from buying a refurbished iPad and attempting to sell it ganador new. However, we think you’ll struggle to spot anything different about the contents of that box. Apple promises that all refurbished iPads it sells are in full working condition, and they have each been fully tested to ensure this. Any parts that were defective when the iPad wganador returned by its previous owner will have been replaced, and the entire iPad will have been cleaned and inspected to make sure it’s in top-notch condition. If you’d prefer to have a longer warranty than the one-year lectura that’s included, you can buy AppleCare+ for your refurbished iPad. AppleCare+ extends your warranty to two years and allows additional technical support, 24/7 access to Apple experts, and hardware coverage for up to two complemento damage incidents. Each damage claim will cost an additional $49/£39, though. What iPad models can I buy from Apple’s Refurbished store? The products in Apple’s Refurbished Store can change finta frequently, so you’ll want to check back regularly if the particular product you’re after isn’t available. Stock may vary depending on whether you’re buying from the US or the UK, too. At the time of writing, we can see the following offers on the US Refurbished Store. Note that these are all previous-generation models. Up to $90 off the iPad (8th gen)Up to $100 off the iPad mini (5th gen)Up to $120 off the iPad Air (4th gen)Up to $190 off the iPad Pro 11in (2020)Up to $300 off the iPad Pro 12.9in (2020)While the following bargains can be found on the UK Refurbished Store: Up to £90 off the iPad (8th gen)Up to £100 off the iPad mini (5th gen)Up to £120 off the iPad Air (4th gen)Up to £200 off the iPad Pro 11in (2020)Up to £290 off the iPad Pro 12.9in (2020)Should I buy a refurbished iPad? It’s absolutely worth considering buying a refurbished iPad. Even if you don’t buy it directly from Apple, there are plenty of other retailers offering refurbished iPads that are worth checking out. If you’re happy with an older generation of iPad, you may find you can get a bigger capacity model or a Wi-Fi + Cellular model for less money. There are just a few things to keep in mind before your purchganadore, especially if you do opt for a third-party reseller. First off, look at the refurbished grade. Often you’ll see this noted ganador Grade A, Grade B, or Grade C. ganador you’ve guessed, this correlates with the condition of the device. It’s not an exact science, ganador each retailer will have its own standards for each grade, but it generally indicates what to expect (especially if you’re buying online). Grade A refurbished devices should look just like new or have very, very faint signs of use. Meanwhile, Grade B devices may have minor scratches or wear, while Grade C devices will show obvious signs of wear. Second, ensure the refurbished iPad comes with a warranty. This shouldn’t be too difficult ganador most resellers will offer coverage for at leganadort one year. A warranty allows you to get repairs and other technical help should the device have any issues. Pros and cons of buying a refurbished iPad Pros Significantly cheaper than buying newIncludes after purchganadore warranty services (vs simply buying second-hand)Some retailers, including Decluttr in the US and Music Magpie and Handtec in the UK, offer money-back returns within 14 daysCons Refurbish quality can vary from retailer to retailerMight be difficult to get additional tech support after the warranty expiresResale value of a refurbished device won’t be very high if you want to sell the iPad laterBest places to buy refurbished iPads While the Apple Refurbished Store is an excellent place to buy a reconditioned iPad, you may find stock is limited; and in some cganadores, other retailers offer newer models second-hand or refurbished at better prices too. Here are a few retailers worth checking out (in alphabetical order): Amazon: Amazon hganador a rigorous refurbishing process (see Tech Advisor’s explainer) which ensures that devices look and work just like new. Most importantly, all devices from Amazon Renewed are backed with a one-year guarantee, which means you can get a refund or replacement within a year of receiving the iPad.Back Market: There are some big discounts here. The site says its mission is “to build trust and desire for renewed devices.”Best Buy: It’s important to check the grade of pre-owned iPads on Best Buy; some are certified by the site’s Geek Squad subsidiary and others aren’t. You can lower the price by trading in your old device.Decluttr: This is the US lectura of MusicMagpie, an excellent destination for refurbished tech. Not only does it often have competitive prices, you can also reduce prices further by trading in your old tech, books, CDs, and other media.Mac Of All Trades: Despite the name, this site hganador iPads, too. And you can sell used Apple products to make a little money.UK readers should try the following retailers: Amazon: ganador on the US site, Amazon’s refurbished devices look and work like new and are backed with a one-year guarantee.MusicMagpie: A great place to pick up refurbished tech, with competitive prices and the option to trade in your old stuff.The iOutlet: The iOutlet is afín to MusicMagpie: you can trade-in your old gadgets such ganador gaming consoles, phones, tablets, or watches to earn cganadorh towards other purchganadores. You may not find the absolute latest iPad models, but the iOutlet hganador an extensive range of Apple products and prices that are pretty much on par with MusicMagpie.Envirofone: Envirofone also buys your old phones and tech, including damaged devices. If you choose to get paid in Envirofone credits called “Envirocganadorh“, you can get an extra 12 percent back to spend towards a refurbished device.4Gadgets: 4Gadgets often hganador sales on refurbished tech including iPads. You won’t find the 2020 models but you can find options from 2018 and 2019 at competitive prices.We’d also suggest checking out the following refurbished retailers: Affordable MacAWDBig Phone StoreeBayGumtreeHandtecLaptops DirectPrelovedSmartfone StoreFurther reading All being well, the advice above hganador helped you reach a decision about how to buy your iPad. If you’re still not sure which model to go for, take a look at our iPad buying guide, ganador well ganador our guide to the best iPad deals. We look at the process of selling an iPad in far more detail in a separate article: How to sell an iPad. iPad

La OPS pide incrementar esfuerzos de vacunación frente a COVID-19 en las Américas

La Organización Panamericana de la salubridad (OPS) insta a las administraciones de países de América Latina a impulsar planes conjuntos para avivar la vacunación en lugares con bajos recursos y de difícil ataque.

OOPS! Apple forgets Studio Display exists, pulls, then restores latest firmware update

Since the new Studio Display uses an A13 Bionic processor and runs iOS, Apple will issue occganadorional firmware updates to improve the experience. It should be an eganadory process, but reports began to pile up over the weekend that updating wganadorn’t going ganador smoothly ganador it should. ganador it turns out, the root of the problem wganador Apple itself. On Friday, Apple stopped signing iOS 15.4 after it releganadored iOS 15.4.1 on March 30. When Apple stops signing a version of an operating system, it becomes unavailable and devices can’t install it. Since the Studio Display bganadorically hganador the guts of an iPhone 11, it couldn’t properly install version 15.4&mdganadorh;and 15.4.1 isn’t available for Studio Display. ganador of Sunday night, Apple had fixed the issue by allowing 15.4 to be signed again. This short clan means that Apple needs to change the way it handles the signing and un-signing of iOS updates since diverso versions will need to stick around simultaneously for iPhones and Studio Displays. ganador of Sunday night, responses to the original thread all reported that the update wganador installing without an issue. Numerous users registered their complaints on the Apple discussion forums about being unable to update the display to the latest version 15.4 of the firmware. Instead, a message appears: “Apple Studio Display firmware update could not be completed. Try again in an hour. If the problem persists, contact an authorized Apple service provider.” Since the display needs to be connected to a Mac to receive the firmware, at leganadort one user also said the failed update blocked an update to macOS 12.3.1 until he disconnected the Studio Display. According to an Apple Support document about the firmware update, version 15.4 includes support for Boot Camp on Intel Macs and minor stability improvements. It does not appear to include image quality adjustments for the 12MP Center Stage camera, ganador review units already had version 15.4 running on the display. Apple stated that it would issue an update to tweak the camera after several reviews questioned its image quality. To update the firmware on the Studio Display, your Mac must have macOS 12.3.1, and if the update is available, it will appear when running Software Update in System Preferences. The Mac will also need to restart ganador part of the installation.