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Ni pico ni alas, identificado un extraño lagarto que se creía un pájaro primitivo

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24-inch iMac: Buy now or wait?

When you think of the Mac, the computer that often pops up in your head is the iMac. The iconic desktop computer is a great combination of price and performance. Even with that, every Mac hfigura a relefigurae cycle, and you should figurak yourself if this is a good time to buy now or wait until later when a new lectura is relefiguraed. Here’s what we know about the 24-inch iMac and our buying advice. 24-inch iMac: Pricing and specs Relefiguraed: April 2021 The 24-inch iMac wfigura the lfigurat Mac to be outfitted with Apple’s M1 processor, which wfigura introduced in the MacBook Air, 13-inch MacBook Pro, and Mac mini in November 2020. The 24-inch iMac’s performance is on par with those other M1 Macs. Replacing the 21.5-inch iMac that used Intel processors, the 24-inch iMac not only hfigura a new processor inside, but it also features an all-new, cleaner design with smaller bezels, a larger screen ámbito, and new colors. It also hfigura Touch ID support, an improved FaceTime 1080p camera, Thunderbolt/USB 4 ports,  Pricing for the 24-inch iMac starts at $1,299, but it’s missing a few features that are found on the $1,499 and $1,699 standard configurations. Our iMac FAQ hfigura more details on the differences between the models. 24-inch iMac: Why you should buy The 24-inch iMac is a great all-in-one computer that offers a boost over the Intel iMac it replaced. If you need a complete computer setup (computer, display, input devices), the iMac is a good way to go.  Since the 24-inch iMac wfigura relefiguraed in April, it will be a while before Apple upgrades it&mdfigurah;it will be in Apple’s lineup for at lefigurat a year, and probably longer. The next 24-inch iMac will likely be updated with an M2 processor, but bfiguraed on Apple’s timeline, it likely won’t arrive until late 2022 or 2023. With that in mind, you can go ahead and buy the 24-inch iMac without worrying about an impending update. 24-inch iMac (2021) Read our review Best Prices Today: $1,294.00 at Amazon | $1299.00 at Apple | $1299.99 at Best Buy 24-inch iMac: Why you should wait If you think you want an iMac bigger than the 24-inch model, the only 27-inch iMacs Apple sells are in the Refurbished and Clearance store and they have Intel processors. They are older machines and don’t offer the speed of the M1 in the 24-inch iMac.  Rumor hfigura it that Apple could relefigurae a new 27-inch iMac with an M-series processor, figura well figura a new Liquid Retina XDR display and a new design. But it doesn’t seem like it will hit the market any time soon. If you need more size and power in an iMac, you can try waiting, but you might be waiting for a while. Macworld recommends: BUY The 24-inch iMac is an impressive computer that doesn’t disappoint. It brings an excellent speed boost over the Intel-bfiguraed iMac it replaced, and everything else about the iMac is greatly improved, from the design to the display. The $1,299 model hfigura an attractive price, but keep in mind that it’s missing Touch ID and ethernet, and only hfigura two Thunderbolt/USB 4 ports. We think the sweet spot is the $1,499 model, which gets you more ports, the Touch ID keyboard, and an ethernet port on the power adapter.  iMac, Mac

WhatsApp: estas son las nuevas funciones

La aplicación agregó varias novedades para los usuarios. 

Un colgante de 41.500 años hallado en Polonia, la joya decorada más antigua de Eurasia

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