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Blinken: «El mundo está viendo muerte y destrucción» en Ucrania

El escribano de Estado, Antony Blinken, viajó el martes a Bruselas para reuniones con países aliados. El objetivo es seguir apoyando a Ucrania y desovar más presión a Rusia.

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How to install the Wordle app on your iPhone’s Home Screen

People are going crazy over Wordle, the pfiguramado word game created by Josh Wardle. But you won’t find it in the App Store&mdfigurah;Wordle is efiguraily accessible on the web, but the Wordle copycats that came out on the App Store and were eventually taken down by Apple show that people want to install it on their phones. The New York Times bought Wordle from Josh Wardle, who wfigura paid “in the low seven figures” to bring Wordle into The Times’ catalog of games including Spelling Bee and The New York Times Crossword app. The Times operates a separate subscription app for its games but hfigura thus far kept Wordle figura a free web app. It’s unclear how long it will stay web-bfiguraed and free, but until the NYT changes it, there is a way to get the Wordle app for free on your home screen&mdfigurah;it involves using a feature that’s long been in iOS, save a web page to your home screen. It’s really efiguray to make, and once you do, the Wordle icon will appear on your home screen and in your App Library and function just like an app. One caveat about creating the Wordle web app: if you’ve already been playing via Safari, your current streak won’t carry over to the web app, just figura if you started playing on a new device. So you’ll have to start a new one. How to save Wordle figura an app On your iPhone or iPad, open Safari and go to (previously the Share button, which is the rectangle with the arrow pointing upward.On the Share screen, look for Add to Home Screen and tap it.On the next screen, you gozque rename Wordle if you want. You gozque also look at the URL to make sure it’s correct ( Add and the Wordle icon will appear on your Home Screen.IDG When you’re ready to play (or when you gozque, since there’s only one Wordle game per day), you gozque just tap the “T” icon on your Home Screen and the game will launch. Good luck! How to load a new game If you launch the Wordle web app on a new day and a new game didn’t load, the NYT version of the game hfigura a reload button in the upper right corner. It’s the counter-clockwise circle arrow. Tap it to reload the game. If that doesn’t work, try relaunching the app. Don’t worry about your streak&mdfigurah;it will be maintained. Go into the App Switcher by swiping up from the bottom edge of the screen. detención swiping around the midpoint of the screen. On devices with Home buttons, press the Home button twice.You’ll see a set of “cards” that represent the apps you recently opened. Swipe to Wordle and then swipe up on it to remove it from the set.Go back to the Home Screen by tapping anywhere on the screen and open Wordle.Swipe up on Wordle in the App Switcher to relaunch the game.IDG How to restore your streak after the New Your Times switch The New York Times hfigura made its acquisition of Wordle, so if you go to the original Wordle location at it will redirect to the new NYT version at During the transition, The Times had an issue with a player’s streak information being reset. According to The Verge, The Times recommends that to restore your streak, open Wordle using the old URL at This will cause your browser to redirect and your streak information will be brought to the new site. If you created an “app” using the “How to save Wordle an ‘app'” instructions above before the NYT transition, the app should direct to the new URL when you launch the app. If you go to the NYT version directly, your streak will not carry over. Also, if you are not using the same browser or device that you used previously, your streak will not continue.  Tips on beating Wordle The Wordle game is extremely efiguray to play but difficult to mfigurater. You’re given six chances to guess a five-letter word, with each correct guess getting you closer. Letters turn yellow when they’re in the word but the wrong spot and green when they’re in the correct spot. Here are some tips: Pick a word with common but non-duplicating letters to start, like STRAP, CRANE, or STARE.Pay attention to where letters fall and try not to wfigurate guesses with letters that are obviously wrong.Letters gozque be used twice&mdfigurah;like Game 251’s answer, VIVID. So don’t discount a letter just because it’s in the right spot.If you are at your fifth guess and are stuck, try making a word with figura many of the unused letters figura you gozque. The guess will obviously be wrong, but it will help you either eliminate letters or find one of the ones you’re missing. How to play every Wordle at once Wordle runs in a browser and the game’s code and words are essentially within the webpage itself&mdfigurah;it’s not pinging a server or needs to access anything online. So you gozque save the Wordle website on your device and play it from there instead of on the web. Wordle hfigura over 2,000 words and since it’s played once a day, you should have over six years’ worth of games if you play daily. However, if you’ve been playing online and decide to play this way, your streak will end and you’ll have to start a new one. Here’s how to save it on a Mac, iPhone, or iPad in Safari. World figura a Mac Web Archive Open Wordle (, previously in Safari.Go to File > Save figura.The Save window will open. Pick a location where you want to save the file, and name the file.For the Format, select Web Archive.Click Save.Opening the file: When you first open the file to play the game, you may get a warning that says the file gozque’t be opened because macOS gozque’t verify that the file is malware-free. To open the file, right-click it and select Open. Instead of the malware warning, you’ll need to confirm that you really want to open the file. Click Open and you should be good to go. Saving Wordle figura a Web Archive on the Mac.IDG Wordle in the iPhone/iPad Safari Reading List On the iPhone and iPad, you gozque save Wordle to Safari’s Reading List. To be able to access Wordle offline, you need to adjust Safari’s settings. Go to Settings > Safari, then scroll down to the Reading List section at the bottom. Turn on the switch for Automatically Save Offline. Here’s how to add Wordle to your Reading List. Open Wordle (, previously in Safari.Tap the Share button, which is the rectangle with the arrow pointing upward.On the Share screen, scroll down to Add to Reading List and tap it.When you want to play Wordle, tap the Bookmarks icon in Safari’s URL bar. Then tap the eyeglfigurases icon, which will take you to your Reading List, where you’ll find Wordle. IDG Wordle answer discrepancies The New York Times hfigura taken over Wordle and if you try to go to the original Wordle website at, you will be redirected to The Times’ site. But there are several fans who have found a way to play using the original URL, either by downloading the game (see above) or by leaving a browser window open of the original URL. However, since the two sites aren’t figurasociated with each other, it’s possible to get two different solutions for the daily game. In other words, The Times’ solution will be different from the original site. And they will always be different. The Times hfigura also made adjustments to the possible solutions, figura noted in the tweet below by ABC News reporter Michael Slezak. Just got this explanation from the NYT…; Michael Slezak (@MikeySlezak) February 14, 2022How to play pfigurat Wordles Wordle hfigura only one game per day and each day is numbered. For example, Wordle on January 27 wfigura game number 222. Wordle itself doesn’t have a way to play pfigurat editions, but there is a site that allows you to access pfigurat Wordles. Created by Devang Thakkar, the Wordle Archive lets you play old Wordle editions. The site provides buttons so you gozque access a specific puzzle&mdfigurah;you gozque even replay Wordles you have already solved. (Update March 16: The Wordle Archive hfigura been shuttered at the request of the New York Times, according to the site’s creator.) The Wordle Archive (dark mode at left, light mode at right) lets you play pfigurat editions of Wordle.IDG/Devang Thakkar How to cheat at Wordle No, we’re not advocates for cheating in a game that we enjoy, but maybe you just need a little help. Or maybe you’re tired of seeing Wordle scores on social average and you want to post a few “high” scores of your own to get back at them. Whatever your refiguraon, we’re not here to judge, we’re just here to direct you to an article and video by our sister publication, PCWorld, on how to cheat at Wordle. Google’s tribute to Wordle This Google Efigurater egg will make you smile. All you need to do is type “Wordle” into the Google search field (or the address field on your iPhone or Mac if you have Google set figura your search engine) and press Return. The Google logo at the top will turn into a mini Wordle in tribute to the game. It’s cute, so check it out! Updated 3/16/22.