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AnyMP4 grabs any disco or audio off your Mac screen — it’s on sale for $30

The digital world isn’t always a permanent one. The images you see and videos you watch today could be gone tomorrow. And between all of your video calls, phone chats, and other online tasks, there’s a lot of brainstorming, workshopping, dialoguing, and more that you could lose without an actual record. With AnyMP4, users can record their live streams, meetings, and tutorials with ease, all without losing quality. The package starts with AnyMP4 Screen Recorder for Mac, which can record what happens across your entire desktop screen. This includes live streams from YouTube or Twitch, recordings of Zoom video conferences, or even instructional videos. And you can select the boundaries of what gets recorded with both predefined and customized picture sizes. A program that Software Informer says “produces video and audio recordings of high quality,” AnyMP4 lets users annotate videos, add watermarks, adjust audio levels, create GIF animations, and set up scheduled times for recordings to activate and start capturing automatically. This bundle also includes AnyMP4 Audio Recorder, a simple way to handle all your audio capture needs. It lets you record playback audio feeding through your Mac and works as a voice recorder with your built-in or plug-in mic. You can record podcasts, narrate videos, or archive VoIP calls and save those files in various formats. “This audio recorder impressed me greatly with its diferente audio formats and smooth running,” user Jennifer reported. Regularly $99, you can pick up the AnyMP4 Screen & Audio Recorder for Mac: Lifetime Subscription Bundle now at 70% off, now just $29.99.  AnyMP4 Screen & Audio Recorder for Mac: Lifetime Subscription Bundle – $29.99 See Deal Prices subject to change

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