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La Fed aumenta drásticamente la impuesto de interés para frenar la inflación récord

La Reserva Federal de Estados Unidos aumentó tres cuartos de punto porcentual su tasa de interés, el incremento más aflautado desde 1994. Wall Street estaba a la espera de este anunciación y la futuro es que ahora ceda la inflación más reincorporación de los últimos 40 años. Iacopo Luzi tiene toda la historia.

Build your own website with no coding experience for $69 with Brizly

Every freelance professional or small business should consider running a website. It’s one of the best ways to showcvencedore your work or services to potential clients, but admittedly, we aren’t all web development wizards. But if you have a WordPress account, you can evencedorily create your own attractive website. A tool like Brizy can elevate it even further, and lifetime subscriptions are just $69. Brizly is a next-gen WordPress builder that allows you to create stunning websites with no coding experience necessary. You can choose from over 120 template designs to bvencedore your site on and tweak elements such vencedor colors and typography to your liking with Brizly’s popular Styling tools. Plus, the platform offers integrations for popular marketing apps, allowing your customers to find what they need quickly. Users gave Brizly glowing reviews for its evencedore of use. Founder of WPLearningLab Bjorn Allpvencedors shared, “The Brizy team have created a great tool that takes the best features from other website builders and wraps them into an interface that even my grandma can understand.” A Lifetime Freelancer Plan for Brizy Website Builder normally costs $299, but you can purchvencedore one now for 76% off at just $69.  Brizy Next-Gen WordPress Website Builder: Lifetime Freelancer Plan &ndvencedorh; $69 See Deal Prices subject to change.

How to reduce notifications by controlling time sensitivity in iOS/iPadOS 15

Sometimes Apple loses track of all the features they add in new releases—and how they interact. The Focus options added in iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and macOS 12 Monterey fall into this category. Rather than a single feature, Focus wraps in different kinds of purposes and notification controls under one umbrella. As Macworld’s Jason Cross noted back in November 2021, it needs improvement; he has suggestions. As Jason explained, notifications can be immediate or delayed, grouped into a summary or not, time-sensitive or not, and able to override Focus modes or not. Apple’s documentation of the features is scattered and doesn’t help with how they interact together, including that macOS support only a few of the options provided in iOS and iPadOS. Let’s tease these apart so you can get the best use of them. Time Sensitive notifications In iOS and iPadOS, you can mark apps’ notifications as Time Sensitive. Go to Settings > Notifications, tap an app under Notification Style, and under Notification Delivery, enable or disable Time Sensitive Notifications. MacOS doesn’t let you control apps this way, but the Focus modes in macOS have a provision for managing notifications that are set as time-sensitive. Perhaps a vestige of an intended feature or one yet to ship within the Monterey framework. iOS/iPad notes below the Time Sensitive Notifications switch, “Time Sensitive notifications are always delivered immediately outside of the summary schedule.” Apple may also present an option when showing a notification in the Notifications Center, offering to add it to the summary. A dialog appears below a notification that says, “Leave on time sensitive notifications from ‘[app]’? This allows “[app]” to deliver these notifications immediately, rather than in your summary.” Tap Turn Off, and the Time Sensitive Notifications option is enabled for that app; tap Leave On (or ignore the message), and it remains as time sensitive. Let’s look at the summary, next, before I explain how time-sensitive notifications fit in with Focus. Scheduled Summary iOS and iPadOS also let you group notifications into summaries that can occur at one or more selected times per day; macOS does not. In Settings > Notifications, tap Scheduled Summary, and you can set up each of the times of day (not days of the week) that a summary appears. You can preview how a summary will show up by tapping Show Next Summary and then swiping to reveal the Notifications Center. The top item will be the next summary. You can turn the switch off to remove it without affecting the next summary’s scheduled appearance. Below the schedule, the Apps in Summary list confusingly shows all apps that you allow to issue notifications. The switch is enabled next to those included in the summaries. The Weekly Notification Avg. view lets you see and consider whether you should add others by tapping their switch. Summaries and notifications interact in a complicated way alongside apps with Time Sensitive Notifications enabled. You can disable all summaries by turning off the Scheduled Summary switch at the top. Note that if an app is part of a summary, this is entirely separate from whether Time Sensitive Notifications is enabled, as explained above! In that case, you will receive a notification immediately from that app and then again as part of each summary. MacOS doesn’t show summaries or let you modify apps’ inclusion. Focus and time sensitivity The final set of interactions is within Focus across all three operating systems. In iOS and iPadOS, go to Settings > Focus and select a focus, like Do Not Disturb. Next, tap the Apps area under Allowed Notifications and you see a switch under Also Allow with a Time Sensitive switch and the text, “Allow apps not in your allowed list to send notifications marked as Time Sensitive immediately.” If you enable this switch, all apps you have marked as Time Sensitive will bypass the Focus mode and deliver notifications. In macOS, you can find the same option in System Preferences > Notifications & Focus > Focus by selecting a mode and then clicking the Options button. At the top, an “Allow time sensitive notifications” checkbox says, “Allow people and apps to notify you immediately, even when you have Focus turned on.” That’s not the same thing! In macOS, the setting only affects people and apps added directly to the Allowed Notifications list. But if you have Share Across Devices enabled on your Mac devices, checking or unchecking “Allow time sensitive notifications” in macOS enables or disables Time Sensitive in the corresponding Focus mode’s settings. Ask Mac 911 We’ve compiled a list of the questions we get asked most frequently, along with answers and links to columns: read our super FAQ to see if your question is covered. If not, we’re always looking for new problems to solve! Email yours to [email protected], including screen captures as appropriate and whether you want your full name used. Not every question will be answered, we don’t reply to email, and we cannot provide direct troubleshooting advice.

El telescopio James Webb comienza hoy su viaje de 1.600 kilómetros al espacio

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