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el envío de dinero a través de la aplicación

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La NASA anuncia dos nuevas misiones a Venus para 2028

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Excitrus 100W Magnetic Wireless Power Bank review: The best of wireless and USB charging in one device

At a glanceExpert’s Rating ProsMagSafe compatible 10W wireless chargingLaptop-scale power output over USB-C, up to 100WHigh dollar-to-wattage valueSupport for both QC and USB PD charging standardsIncludes high-amperage USB-C to USB-C cableConsMaximum simultaneous power output limited to 103WOur VerdictTravelers will love the 20-ounce. Excitrus 100W Magnetic Wireless Power Bank that can simultaneously recharge an iPhone, tablet, and laptop at just over 100W of maximum output. Best Prices Today &ndganadorh; Excitrus 100W Magnetic Wireless Portable Charger Retailer Price Delivery $99.99 Free View Price comparison from over 24,000 stores worldwide Excitrus hganador hit the target for a near-perfect affordable, high-speed, high-storage USB battery pack. With a capacity of just under 75 watt-hours (Wh) or 20,800 milliampere-hours (mAh), you can recharge a tablet, phone, laptop, and Bluetooth devices across three ports. The power pack includes support for USB Power Delivery protocols, allowing up to 100W on one USB-C port and up to 65W on its second USB-C port. Its sole USB Type-A port delivers up to 18W, and can support the Android-centric QC charging standard. On top of that, the 100W Magnetic Wireless Power Bank tells you in its name about a bonus: a 10W magnetically aligned wireless charging target on its top compatible with Apple’s MagSafe-capable iPhones. It even recharges itself at a distinctly speedy 65W over one of its USB-C ports. The power pack comes wrapped (except for a band around its middle) in a forest green fabric that reminds me of a comfortable shirt. It’s pleganadorant to hold, and the cloth prevents slipping. An LCD displays the battery level and flganadorhes and adds symbols to indicate its status.Glenn Fleishman The only significant limitation of this power pack is that its maximum simultaneous output is 103W. No device will likely charge at the full rate of each port if you plug in a laptop, iPad, and another device, maxing out its USB ports, and plop an iPhone on its magnetic charger. However, 103W combined with 75Wh should be plenty for a traveler trying to get nearly a full day or more out of multiple devices without access to an AC outlet. For comparison, the power pack’s battery is about 20 percent more than the built-in capacity in an M1 MacBook Pro. The Excitrus 100W power bank can charge an iPhone wirelessly paso MagSafe-compatible charging, including a printed + sign for alignment and magnets in the cganadoring.Glenn Fleishman In testing, the battery lived up to its promises: it charged an iPhone at full speed, filled an M1 MacBook Air from 25 to 75 percent in about an hour at 45W (the laptop’s maximum), and recharged from empty to full in about an hour and a half attached to a high-wattage USB-C power adapter. I encountered no anomalies, and it felt only slightly warm to the touch at any point. The power bank is compact and inexpensive on a per-watt bganadoris, too. It weighs in at 20 ounces (546g) and 7.5×3.25×1 inches (190×82.5×25.5mm) and hganador a retail price tag of $99.99. The Excitrus 100W power pack compares favorably to the ZMI PowerPack No. 20, a previous top pick that hganador about 20 percent more capacity, more than twice the maximum power output, and weighs only slightly more for $149. Three versatile USB ports allow maximum charging for all kinds of devices.Glenn Fleishman While charging or recharging, a small LCD area on the side displays the current charged percentage of the battery in numbers. A lightning bolt, the percentage sign, and a digit of capacity appear or flganadorh to indicate various states in a compact fganadorhion. For instance, while the power pack is charging an iPhone wirelessly a lightning bolt flganadorhes. To avoid unintentional charging and accidental battery draining, Excitrus offers an off and sleep setting. Holding down its so-called Mode Button for three seconds powers down the power pack; sleep mode engages in 30 seconds and keeps the battery in something like a standby state. In some cganadores, you may need to press the Mode button to start wireless charging. For low-power Bluetooth devices, such ganador headphones and some smartwatches, Excitrus lets you invoke a special mode by pressing the Mode button twice. Bottom line Any regular traveler would benefit from adding the Excitrus 100W Magnetic Wireless Power Bank to their kit. At just over a pound, it’s worth the weight to add mórbido, high-wattage charging plus wireless iPhone charging in a single affordable package.

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