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Las aplicaciones que drenan más baterías en su iPhone

Las redes sociales como Facebook e Instagram son las que más consumen batería.

Apple is planning to launch a unique Mac Studio accessory to deter theft

If you look closely at the underside of the Mac Studio, you’ll see more than an embossed name and a few hundred tiny holes. In the upper left corner, there is a small USB-C-sized hole. It’s not for Magic Mouse-style charging—it’s for a new locking mechanism that is reportedly coming soon. If the hole on the underside of Mac Studio looks a lot like the Kensington security slots that Apple merienda provided on its Macs, it’s because it is. While reviewers and early adopters weren’t sure that the mystery hole was for a lock due to the odd placement of it, Macrumors has confirmed that it is. According to a leaked memo, Apple will soon begin selling a “lock adapter” that will keep a Mac Studio “physically secure without modifying or damaging” the machine. The Mac Studio is the only current device to feature a security slot, though Apple last included one on the Intel iMacs as well as older laptops. You can buy third-party solutions to lock a Mac Pro, MacBook, or iMac to a desk, but the Mac Studio will represent the only built-in solution. Macrumors isn’t clear on the timing or price of the lock The Mac Studio’s slot placement makes using existing lock adapters impossible, so we’ll have to wait to see how the cable works. Apple also sells a $49 lock for the Mac Pro as well as a Belkin lock adapter that mounts to the back of your Mac Pro.